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How to apply on advantage to itself knowledge of biorhythms?


a time ago I began to live on the Moon coordinating the activity with Lunar cycles. Results very much pleased me! And it became interesting to me to study a subject of rhythms of life further.

Knowledge of biorhythms meets in the Tibetan medicine. According to it, temporary parameters include the periodical press from fractions of a second, the two-hour periods, daily, lunar phases (a full moon, a new moon), four seasons of year (for 72 days) and their transition periods (for 18 days) to 12 - summer (year of solar activity) and 60 - summer cycles. So, it is considered that attacks (epileptic) become frequent from a new moon to a full moon. Preventive treatment from the first days of lunar month is explained by it. In development of paralyzes (strokes) 4, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25 and 29 days of lunar month, especially for aged people of 60 years and are considered as dangerous days above.

Our time was also reached by Hippocrates and Avicenna`s treatises in which the important place was given to the healthy lifestyle based on the correct alternation of phases of activity and rest. A founder of modern school of studying of biological rhythms is professor Franz Halberg. In studying of biorhythms the significant contribution was made also by the Russian scientists: I. M. Sechenov, V. I. Vernadsky, I. P. Pavlov who considered that in human life there is nothing more imperious, than a rhythm .

If to place knowledge of biorhythms at service of your life, then it is possible to get considerable advantages in the most different areas of your life - beginning from professional and finishing sexual. The body of the person is a tool of the Universe. And, of course, the thin chuvstvovaniye of the rhythms is a guarantee of fine and long game of this surprising tool. For a start I suggest to deal with the main biorhythms and to begin supervision over them. Knowledge is the general base. As to apply it is already work of your supervision.

During all life since the birth we are accompanied by three biorhythms moving like a slow inner clock:

- a physical rhythm 23 days long;

- a sincere rhythm 28 days long (or still it is called emotional );

- a spiritual rhythm 33 days long (sometimes it is possible to meet the name intellectual though the concept " is closer to me; spiritual )

Each of these rhythms in the middle of a cycle reaches the highest phase. Then the level of power of this rhythm begins to fall down, yet will not reach a point symbolical new moons . Then rises upward where the new rhythm begins. Curves of all three rhythms are visible on graphics.

Critical days have special value for each biorhythm. These days there can be quite sharp changes in the plan for which this biorhythm is responsible. Their influence on a body, spirit and soul can be compared to impact which is exerted by change of climate or the movement of energy in this or that party during a full moon.

Influence of all three biorhythms happens constantly, these biorhythms give forces or at all deprive of energy. All three biorhythms are connected among themselves and with other factors (a state of health, age, environment, a stress etc.) .

A physical biorhythm the Knowledge of own physical biorhythm has to be especially important

for those who do manual work in any form - professionally (the massage therapist, the dancer, the builder etc.) or, for example, in sport. Such people better feel influence of a physical biorhythm. Besides, it is important that at whom in a horoscope the Moon and its functions is strongly allocated. Such people are strongly influenced by everything that is connected with directly their body.

At the beginning of a physical cycle of people feels strong power rise. It is full of strength, such qualities as enterprise, thought speed, speed of reaction amplify. If you - the person, sensitive to this biorhythm, then is better important actions, and especially, to appoint performances to these days.

Any critical day of a physical biorhythm means a hard time: with health there can be problems, any activity demands higher concentration, during the work of nervous system, muscles and joints " sand gets to the motor;.

When there is a recession phase, the organism is longer restored, longer rest is necessary for it. Therefore in such days it is better to have a sleep more, to take a walk more and to assume loadings less.

A sincere (emotional) biorhythm

This biorhythm influences power of our feelings, internal and external perception of a surrounding situation, intuition and ability to create. Of course, it influences also our relations with relatives. Also this biorhythm defines how there is a work in such fields of activity as psychology, consultation, healing. And any activity which is connected with emotional contacts between people.

At the beginning of a phase of people feels as the optimist. It is capable to infect all with the positive mood around. Creativity comes to it easily and pleasantly. Contacts with other people bring joy and benefit.

In 14 days there comes critical day of a sincere biorhythm. Sometimes the critical period lasts not for long, sometimes drags on. The person feels good-for-nothing. Appears suitable climate for confusion and the sincere conflicts. Especially as the situation, as a rule reflects our internal state.

In a recession phase any bad news seems to the person the tragedy. He is perplexed where all his optimism disappeared and whether there was it in general? Especially brightly it is shown at sensitive people at whom, for example, in a horoscope the elements of Water are expressed. In such days the internal self-discipline is very important. For especially sensitive people who have a phase I am unusable on anything it is capable to drag on, it is desirable to conduct diary of success . In this diary it is necessary to write down the big and small victories in good phases and to read it in difficult phases. In the same place it is good to write down various encouraging phrases. Then a phase of recession of a sincere biorhythm it is possible to live fully and without loss.

A spiritual (intellectual) biorhythm

First of all, he mentions ability to work according to the plan, using mental capacities. It concerns a possibility of strategic thinking, ability to make plans and to realize them. In other words, all that demands presence of mind . Especially well the people inclined to logic, mental work, journalists, writers have to feel this biorhythm. Astrologically this biorhythm is well felt by those at whom in a horoscope the elements of Air are expressed.

At the beginning of the period new knowledge is given very well. Therefore various training seminars, trainings, meetings where your intellectual reaction is required, you see off these days better.

In critical days force of concentration and reaction weakens. It is frequent ability partially perceive new material it can to be blocked. The best means to be adjusted on change of a rhythm - refusal of difficult tasks and the increased concentration.

The same can be told also about the period with 20 - go on 33 - y day of a spiritual biorhythm: in a recession phase mind stops being flexible, the person quickly is tired of intellectual activity, the pleasure from receiving new knowledge and decision-making decreases.

Biorhythms in our life If you on yourself feel by

action of biorhythms, then soon and be convinced of advantage of knowledge of them. For example, if to good days to appoint important conversation, then it considerably will increase chances of success.

But knowledge of biorhythms makes sense only if you begin them to study attentively - personally for yourself, without any help from outside. And then learn to watch them and to correct the actions according to these biorhythms. If to treat them as to dogma or a template (for example, at all not to make appointment if go critical days ) it can generate dependence on biorhythms. This dependence will not allow to be revealed global to sense of biorhythms - to help to make your life joyful, full, saturated, in harmony with the nature, and whenever possible, longer and healthy.

Observe yourself, begin to keep records, personal experience is always much more important, than any others information. Of course, knowledge is necessary, but knowledge is only the tool. The true skill can be found only through own life experience. Let this knowledge give you joy. Apply them with love to yourself and people around, and then they will bring you invaluable benefit!