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What do you know about sources of graffiti?

You know that 24 hours open - minded person mean? It when the person is open to perception of information 24 hours a day. And you thought of how you go down the street? In ears - earphones, and a look - in asphalt? If such description about you, then hardly you notice in what city walls are dressed! About what I? Of course, about graffiti!

More precisely, about sources graffiti.

I will begin the narration of history of graffiti classically - with an explanation of value of the word. In one sources it is said that the word of graffiti came from the Greek word Graphein what means to write and others claim that - from Italian Graffito - to scratch. Certainly, the first traces of graffiti are noticed still in the ancient time - the person always liked to draw on walls that he by the way, is explained by natural desire to communicate.

By the way, pleasure to read Notre Dame de Paris Victor Hugo we are obliged to the unknown to a rayter scratched several centuries ago on cathedral walls on - the word " is Greek; ankh what means fate destiny So roots of wons what deep!

And if not to go deep into history so deeply, then the homeland of that of graffiti which we observe today New - York is considered. Though about three years ago the right to be called city of graffiti received Los - Andzheles.

The youth of New - York literally rushed to paint walls of buildings, but the subway was the favourite place of rayter nevertheless.

Initially writing of a tag was the purpose of people with barrels of paint just. And place was taken even by bigger value - the zapretny, the better! And over time it is simple to write tags it became uninteresting. Now everyone tried to think up something such and pozakovyresty . So styles began to be formed.

Need to find the style arose from - for the competition, everyone wanted to be allocated, draw not as all . Originality was on the first place because nobody wanted to pass biting (art plagiarism). And here rayter began to experiment with the sizes, flowers, lines, a form, volume such directions in graffiti as Broadway Style are square, slightly inclined letters with notches in the form of bricks became

Results of experiments; Bubble Letters of which softness and dimensions of forms are characteristic; and also Mechanical and Wild Style.

Two last, by the way, are considered as top of art of graffiti. That is, it when is written in such a way that it is hardly read - letters are bound in the most intricate patterns is over what to break the head.

However the competition had also a reverse side. Besides thirst for improvement of skills and search of style among rayter there are conflicts.

At the beginning of development of graffiti there was even some kind of war. Works of competitors were rubbed clean or were just crossed out. At one time in New - York there was dazhy a TSO team, that is cross outs (English cross out - to delete ) who, judging by the name, decided to declare war to one and all. The benefit now similar behavior would be regarded as childishness.

Here it it is art of graffiti - from antiquity up to now Do not ignore these bright messages on walls, perhaps, one of them is sent you!

Slang of graffiti:

Bomb - (or throw - up) - fast drawing, as a rule becomes in bubble letters also reflects the name crew or writer`a. It is drawn by paint, often used 1 - 2 (sometimes 3) colors. The most widespread - black / silver (white) and yellow / red.

Crew - several (and at times and very much there is even a lot of) writer`ov united in one team.

Writer - actually the one who draws graffiti (taggers - those who only put tag`i and do not draw pieces and do not throw a bomb and sometimes are not enlisted in ranks of writer`ov. But if to take on - big, then they are graffiti).

Piece - from masterpiece. Drawing which reflects style, ability, and, actually, impudence of writer`a. It is drawn by paint, so many flowers how many drawing will wish are used.

To kil lt - is concrete to sketch (to kill) a wall, the car.