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Having unzipped what we will see?

Looking at this picture what you see? Genital? Zipper? The spoiled body or the sick imagination of the artist?

I will answer: You, see the woman.

Whether the similar picture is capable to excite? Yes, but depending on what, or than.

Speak, men are focused visually. Therefore at them first place is won by visions Given image (in my opinion) it is capable to excite as much as possible only such factor as: curiosity or interest.

It becomes interesting and that there further? Having unzipped what we will see?

If this fastener was undone completely, - it would be awful! We would come across a barefaced pornography again. What we see every day on the Internet on the TV, on the street - the most usual body, human skafandrik with its folds and holes familiar to all. But, we will not see it here.

I want to talk about excitement by curiosity. Curiosity is present at our very many manifestations. It is capable to model our life situations in own way. Often, we become his hostages

If to look generally, it is possible to characterize its manifestations shortly: peeping, interception, vysprashivaniye.

At present, looking at these pictures, we spot. Only, behind what? Can all the matter is that each of us needs travel to the world of own imagination? Without limiting itself in imaginations, the person is capable to reach excitement not only physical, but also esthetic.

I do not speak about the sexual excitement attracting with itself an orgasm no. I speak about excitement mental, emotional, capable to unscrew a brain and forced to write all this. My curiosity is concluded that your reaction is simply interesting to me. As my opinion - is subjective. You like them? Cause interest?

In these pictures I am excited most of all by impudence of the artist, in his representation of a female body. Yes, this word - the CREATIVE is fashionable today. But whether everywhere it is pertinent? How to explain it in these pictures? Yes in any way! Curiosity of reaction of the viewer, inspired the artist to make similar photos. Perhaps, how the viewer will react to photos was interesting to it, or perhaps to it absolutely to spit on someone`s opinion, and he just spoke in own way. So to speak: so the artist " sees; and all of you to a havayta ?