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What is Formula One?

Formula One - the races World Cup on race cars with open wheels on the closed / ring routes. Formula One or Royal formula - the most popular type of an auto racing.

Formula One is 60 years of sports opposition, these are from 16 to 20 stages (gran at), these are 13 teams participating in a season, these are 26 race cars (cars with open wheels), and the most important is a show!

of the Stable use race cars which make. Therefore, teams need not only the fast and skilled pilot but also who is competently adjusted, constructed by them, a race car.

call Each stage Gran - At (Big Prize). He bears a name of the country in which he passes.

All cars of the championship have to correspond to technical regulations and pass krash - the test. Regulations and all racing series are under control of the International federation of motorsport (FIA).

of the Duty of teams and racers are stated in sports regulations which have to be observed by all participants of the championship strictly.

Modern Formula One - it not only sport and show, but also enormous business which cost by various estimates fluctuates from 1,3 to 2 billion dollars.

Budget of the team can exceed 100 million dollars a year. For example, Toyota spent about 1 billion dollars in three years, and private teams are forced to live for much more modest budgets.

On each race the team brings about 100 tons of the equipment and materials. For it Formula One call sometimes Big circus - everything should be carried with itself, by several huge trucks.

" car Motor; Formula One about 19 thousand revolutions per minute are untwisted. But the engine possesses a small resource - only about 800 km. Such price should be paid for the speed and power qualities of the motor.

the Car weighs only 600 kg, but dispersing to 200 km/h aerodynamics of the car and a race car " begins to work; grows heavy to several tons.

the Race car of Formula One uses the principle of flight of the plane exactly the opposite? I.e. in essence is a wing, but if wings of the plane raise it up, then race car rear wings, on the contrary, press it to the earth.

One set of tires is used at most 40 circles, about 160 km of run then the special composition of rubber completely loses the unique properties. Change of a set of rubber takes with

mechanics of team no more than five seconds.

Exist also double race cars Formula One which are used on advertizing activities of some of teams.

In order that more - it is less comfortable to watch the race course from stands, it is necessary to close ears special plugs at the cost from 10 dollars just not to lose hearing forever.

After accident at speeds over 200 km/h the pilot is capable to get out of the car independently. 5 independent systems help to avoid injuries to it: seat belts, system of protection of a neck and backbone, rubber laying and strong design of a cockpit.

Physical activities to which racers are exposed considerably surpass loads of the fighter pilot during flight and can be compared only to loads of the astronaut in the starting rocket!

during race pilots lose about 5 kg of weight, and not to faint at this time, they are forced to drink water which is brought to a mouth by special system.

the Most titled racer is the German pilot Michael Schumacher. He became the world champion of 7 times! Achievement Red Baron so far

nobody managed to surpass. Michael Schumacher possesses also extremely doubtful achievement. This is the pilot only in the history disqualified following the results of the whole season. It happened in 1997 after the German during decisive race intentionally took out from the route of the main rival in fight for a title - Canadian Jacques Vilnyov. whether

A are known by you that the World Cup of 2010 starts on March 15 race in Bahrain therefore now it is a high time to begin to watch this intriguyushchey superiority!