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Nitrous oxide How to podbrat an optimum combination?

C istema of supply of nitrous oxide turned into a basis of technical tuning of the engine in recent years. The principle of work of similar system consists that nitrous oxide brings the additional volume of oxygen in the combustion chamber that considerably lift output engine capacity.

But before authorizing installation of system, is necessary will decide on option.

P ri supply of nitrous oxide mix density in the combustion chamber rises. When protoxide gets to a chamber, the mix which is available in it changes the state on gaseous, with very low temperature. At combustion of such mix, from - for current its characteristics, the engine gives considerably big power.

All systems of supply of nitrous oxide are based on these principles. And here they on themselves differ on a technical aspect of realization.

C ushchestvut three systems of supply of nitrous oxide.

System 1 - dry system of supply of nitrous oxide. The system is constructed on the principle of installation on the engine with further connection to regular system of supply of gasoline in combustion chambers. Such system can be installed only on engines with the installed systems of injection of fuel. In fact, such system gives additional fuel to regular system. This system can be used in two options. In the first option, the system works irrespective of the regular on-board computer and gives fuel, passing regular algorithms. In the second option of execution the system thanks to injection of nitrous oxide increases pressure in regular system.

System 2 - wet system of giving. The similar system includes own elements for supply of fuel in the engine. These elements of system crash into an inlet collector of the car. Before nitrous oxide supply, protoxide mixes up in a certain proportion with gasoline. And after that, this mix moves in an inlet collector. The possibility of its installation on carburetor engines can become plus of similar system.

System 3 - direkt - port. It gives nitrous oxide directly to cylinders of the power plant. For this purpose the system uses regular nozzles. Through nozzles nitrous oxide is injected into cylinders together with fuel also. The similar system allows to achieve the good results and to receive the maximum possible power from the engine. This system allows to control and regulate work parameters most precisely and quickly. Minus of this system is its cost and complexity of installation. Generally similar systems are installed on sports options of cars.

As we see, systems differ from each other. And therefore before decision-making, it is necessary to choose for itself the most optimal variant of system.