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Virtual sex. It than?

of the Word - terrible force

Is considered

that virtual sex - an entertainment for libertines. In some sense it is right. The timid, bashful person in real all the same can be the very good sexual partner, but in virtual space of chances at it is practically not present. Wirth demands ability to tell (and even to show) obscenities, and to do it is underlined frankly and at the same time to feel comfortable. Process in power to the person not only with intelligence, but also with rudiments of literary abilities. Interlocutors in the mode of dialogue describe a certain erotic event, whether it be their imagined appointment, the imagination or some bright sexual experience of the past.

Can beautifully describe process of a zakidyvaniye of her legs on big courageous shoulders not everyone, and without these florid details the woman will not want to continue. Therefore as a course of training to virtual feats it is possible to read a two-three of female erotic novels. It is useful also for selection of terminology. Though Wirth, as a rule, proves to us that indecent words do not exist in the nature. At the same time, if two high-spiritual, talented and encyclopedically educated persons who are perfectly owning the word why to their appointment not to enter into gold fund of erotic literature contacted?


Straight away

At first sight - the pleasure in virtual sex seems same available as purchase or downloading of a porn. Hi - hi went.

And what is it? - Bang quickly in a toilet of night club? The emotions experienced by people in the course of virtual sex on force are very close to what is tested by the person at real proximity (here so far the speech only about emotions, but not about feelings). In general most often happens so that failures in virtual sex failures in real &ndash are often connected with the same, as; elementary absence of knowledge of equipment. Key to success here - this very good understanding of the partner, ability to foresee his desires.

And phrases of the " type; look what at me huge or I thrust a hand to you into " shorts at once; can dumbfound at best.

Present that would be if you tried to do something similar in reality Yes, ladies who in real had for a long time nothing are capable to estimate similar haste, but in real too. And with you it went on-line to relax and exchange imaginations. Nearly 90% of people who really experience positive emotions from virtual sex are engaged in it only after long conversation with the possible partner.