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Seven councils for a victory in the Scandinavian auction

For reference: the Scandinavian auction is such Internet - auction in which the goods are offered for sale at the minimum cost, for example, the auction for IPhone can begin with one ruble. Bidders stake with the fixed step, for example, of 25 kopeks. The winner is that participant who made the last rate. It is worth noticing that each rate prolongs the Scandinavian auction for some time, but what the price of goods becomes higher, that smaller time is added by a new rate. Thus, the auction will not be able to last eternally.

In this article some useful tips which will help you to win at auctions of the Scandinavian type are described. Recently the Scandinavian auctions in increasing frequency began to meet in Russian-speaking sector of the Internet and if a little to accumulate experience, then the set of goods can be acquired at very low prices!

So, went:

1. Try to wholesale rates, the rate cost is lower, the economy of means in fight for lot at the Scandinavian auction is more essential.

2. You keep up with statistics. Regularly updated statistics about work of auction will help participants to plan the strategy and to develop unique tactics of conducting the auction in system.

3. How to stake? About it nothing concrete can be told. And why? Because it is necessary most to understand auction, week to sit and poanalizirvat, something is possible and to write down. Try to foresee as at what price will leave and who will take away. It as juggling 4 - mya balls - is difficult, will understand, will be trained week and voila, the first progress.

4. When to stake? Time when it is the best of all to stake extremely important for success. I recommend to begin to stake approximately in 3 - 5 seconds prior to the end of the Scandinavian auction on lot. If you begin to stake earlier, then most likely will lead to waste of own money.

5. It is the best of all to use autorates when no more than three people participate. If more than three, then any time is better to observe, without entering the auction.

6. To study the tendering course on already complete lots. Experienced users who often win at the Scandinavian auctions not so much. It is connected with the fact that most of people does not wish to penetrate into subtleties of auction trade, and works without preparation more often that leads to frequent losses.

7. He who risks nothing, gains nothing or does not receive at the Scandinavian auction goods at a discount to 99%! It is necessary to understand that any Scandinavian auction is not only accurate rules which observance will lead you to success, but also a luck factor too! He as a lottery, without risk not to win here!

Responses of players:

lili: it is natural that the Scandinavian auction definitely is not a scam. Fortunately, it - is enough - good gambling, and people last corresponding there. To have a good time, thus, even for me it is not represented shameful, but it becomes offensive only only when all this is called such obscene words. Auction called it not absolutely correctly as it is more similar to a lottery. Of course, there is no passion if everything can in advance be counted and if business is in purchases, then most likely people just would go to supermarkets and skupatsya there. All visitors demand risk, and they receive it!

the Most ridiculous is that who never played those here, always try to humiliate in some way both the website, and people who love it. There is a wish to tell such people that before criticizing, you at first try to play! In general, follow rules of hazardous business and be able to lose!

sanekkasper: Personally I very delicately treat similar resources and games generally as carelessness forced me time to make a blunder so that more just already beat off all hunting. Of course, here it is necessary to have not only a few money, but also to be able to think over, and a little luck. Generally, I won one thing recently, and almost for nothing! Generally, probably here the luck and undoubted fart most of all helps.

Ron: Hm what I think of the Scandinavian auctions? I consider that it is not a scam! There just elementary all are dumped on purchase of your lot. Of course, also you sometimes lose, but everything is constructed on laws of a lottery greed - it is not good, and envy - is even worse! Do not think that all free will give you moreover and to pay money for it!