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Jogging is the simply and a type of cyclic exercises available (technically), and therefore the most mass. According to the most conservative estimates, run as improving means is used by more than 100 million people of middle and advanced age of our planet. According to official data, in our country 5207 clubs of fans of run in which 385 thousand fans of run are engaged are registered; independently running there are 2 million people.

Jogging and sports walking has useful properties which are difficult for reproducing any other types of physical activity. First of all, this beneficial influence on warmly - vascular system, especially at the level of the smallest vessels - arteriol, faded, capillaries. The lack of movements at the modern person leads to a zapustevaniye and an atrophy of a large number of capillaries and violation of blood supply of fabrics. Correctly dosed run and sports walking opens the fallen-down, nonfunctioning capillaries, and also promotes germination of new capillaries in the grown poor sites and in the sites damaged by an illness that is especially important. Achievement of effect of capillarization requires quite exact maintenance of a certain intensity of work of heart, both on the frequency of reductions, and on force of warm emission, during a certain period. If intensity of work of heart at the same time is slightly lower, then the effect of capillarization will be small and if above, then there can come the overtraining and deterioration in a state. The basic of advantage of jogging before other types of physical activity is that it allows to support quite equal work of heart on intensity without special work. Besides, it is natural to the person and is available to all.

Effects of jogging and walking

Positive effects of jogging and walking

1. Modern excess food leads to the compelled inclusion supernumerary channels of dumping of excess calories. One of such channels - accumulation in an organism of power-intensive substances: fats, including cholesterol, and various forms of polysaccharides, in other words - slime. Their excess accumulation in an organism involves a number of negative consequences. Physical activities open the natural channel of burning of excess calories and normalize contents supernumerary energy carriers. In this plan jogging has the advantages before other types of physical activity. He allows to achieve a reasonable combination between loading on warmly - vascular system and burning of calories, that is, rather effectively to burn excess calories, without overloading (to be exact to tell - correctly loading) warmly - vascular system. During jogging power consumption averages from 600 to 800 kcal for the adult. in an hour. The more the runner`s weight, the is more power consumption. Thanks to activization of a fatty exchange run is an effective remedy of normalization of body weight. At the people who are regularly engaged in jogging, body weight is close to ideal, and the content of fat is 1,5 times less, than at not running.

In this plan also fast walking can be very effective (according to 1 h a day) that corresponds to power consumption of 300 - 400 kcal - depending on body weight. Additional power consumption in 2 weeks will make in this case not less than 3500 kcal that will lead 500 g of fatty tissue to loss. As a result in 1 month of training in improving walking (without change of a diet) body weight decreases by 1 kg.

Group of the American scientists observed women whose body weight was on average 80% more than norm. Within 2 months they were engaged in improving walking (on 2 h a day with a speed of 5 km/h) without restriction of a diet. After the end of experiment decrease in body weight on average from 100 to 93 kg was noted.

Mechanical vibration or a shake-up is necessary for control of an estestvennogostareniye of colloidal solution. It breaks new links between molecules and does not allow a colloid to contract and lose water. At run each step is followed by a natural shake-up. At the same time the shake-up is good natural stimulation for all organism. Therefore if run is inaccessible to you, then jumps on the place in some measure can replace it.