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Factors of demand

the Fragment from the book: Nikolaev A. M. Enterprise as system of creation of value

the General tendencies of concentration and specialization of market conditions form objective prerequisites of research of interaction between the producer and the buyer at the microlevel of market system taking into account the basic principles of the modern concept of marketing. The synthesizing orientation of various points of view on the matter is shown in the shift of priorities from quantitative research of structural structure of external environment of the organization to the qualitative analysis of exchange market processes with inclusion of new groups of the variables allowing to consider specifics of branch, resources of the producer and needs of the buyer. It is

a consequence of natural transition from industrially - the economic paradigm of strategic management considering activity of the enterprise through a prism of factors of external environment and branch indicators to the new paradigm of management focused on the resource potential and internal opportunities of the enterprise [1]. Need of integration of the specified approaches into the complete theory speaks from positions of the all-system principles of interdependence and interconditionality of object (organization) which is considered as open system, and his environment (market) investigated as a nadsistema for this object. At the same time for creation of logically complete mechanism of the description of the market the understanding of unity of the analysis - decomposition of structure of the market to the elementary « level will be key; the producer - the buyer and the subsequent synthesis of the received elements in market system.

Formation of initial knowledge of market system by means of the analysis assumes its structuring - definition of rather steady aspect of system which can be considered as its structural model. Use of various ways of decomposition (decomposition) of system depending on a research problem causes plurality of options of its structuring. From positions of research of intrinsic nature of exchange processes is reasonable to limit their analysis to the description of frame model of interaction of producers and buyers at the microlevel of market system, at the same time other factors of external environment at this stage should be considered as factors of indirect influence.

Taking into account it determination of structure of exchange processes will be reduced to the analysis of its element structure the buyer - goods - the producer and also to identification of forms of interaction between noted elements which at further decomposition can be considered as independent systems. Within the modern concept of marketing complex nature of communications between market subjects reveals under information point of view: information communications between the producer and the buyer which are a basis for formation of the subsequent exchange processes and tovarno - cash flows have the basic importance. Conditionally market communications can be presented in the form of contacts between the buyer and the producer (fig. 1. 1). As such contacts it is possible to consider, for example, advertizing messages, information search on the website of the producer, communication of the buyer with the seller, a visual assessment of goods by the buyer in sales outlets, at exhibitions, direct sales by phone, demonstration of goods by the producer at office at the buyer etc.

Need of detailed studying prichinno - investigative communications between structural units of this model follows from the general regularities of concentration and specialization and sets tasks of identification of endogenous factors of their emergence taking into account specifics of the concrete market. In the industrial markets noted tendencies are shown in the form of personification of the market offer for each specific buyer. In the markets of end users as alternative option of creation of the differentiated offer serves segmentation of consumer requirements and allocation of target consumer segments. Thus, the understanding of specifics of exchange processes will lie in the plane of research of incentive motives of subjects of the market, internal laws of their formation for each case of interaction of the buyer and the producer of C (Customer) - P (Product) - S (Supplier).

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