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Councils for small business of

As the owner of own small business, I can tell: You will not be able to do everything independently. Employ professionals. Employ the professional accountant, employ a web - the designer, the person who will be able to make for you that you cannot. You can learn everything, but the spent time and results often do not meet expectation. It is better to employ already knowing person.

So far the majority of small businesses are closed in the first five years of existence, and only some of them successfully develop further. If you already think of that to begin own small business, you should reflect and correlate many things. Trifles, often, are extremely important. Opening such business as, for example, shop or legal office, it is worth learning and providing all nuances which further to you will have to face. Successful people share the secrets of success and ways to avoid the general mistakes:

The First three years were for me very rigid. I lived in limited conditions because I put all money which I received back in business. My council within the first three years put the income in business " again;

Do not try to invent a wheel. All best is thought already up to you. It is enough to take of something similar to what you should and change a little bit even if it is strategy or a way of selection of target audience .

Do the business flexible and many-sided. You should not store all eggs in one basket that there were no troubles

Make so that your business brought money all the year round, instead of development of seasonal business, think what can be changed.

Among sharks of small business is a fact of common knowledge that alone nothing will turn out, you just will not cope. It is better to employ professionals. For example the accountant or a web - the designer. These people will be able to do for you the lion`s share of quite difficult work with which to one it would be very difficult for you. Yes, as variat, you can will learn both an accounting, and design, but in this case the purpose will not justify means.

The part of small businesses of course is small continues to develop, but the majority them them becomes bankrupts in the first five years of work. You should consider a lot of things and to weigh before vseryoz to make the decision on opening of own small business. Here several councils from skilled people in this sphere:

The Most hard time is the first 2 - 3 years. Living in very severe conditions I invested all money back in business. And nevertheless I advise - the first three years put everything earned besides in business.

To Invent the bicycle not in your jurisdiction. Everything that will be required is thought already up by others. You need only to take gradually what needs and to be changed, straightened a little under itself.

Build the business so what in any situation you would have a backup plan. Know the moment when it is necessary to brake and when promptly to make the way forward.

Build your business so that it made profit any season. Seasonal business will be less favorable.