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Ringo Starr: “ Why not? “

Nowadays live and two of that four - Starr and McCartney are well. And their creativity still continues to be decked by new paints. In this case it concerns to Ringo Starr. This summer to it 70 years - the most senior of " will be executed; Beatles “ was born on July 7, 1940. But to call him “ grandfather “ or especially “ the old man - the sandblaster “ it - god, language does not turn. Especially as also it, apparently, is not going to become that at all.

The new disk " became the certificate to what; Y Not “ left on January 12 the current year. Here Ringo for the first time acted not only as the performer, but also as the producer. It is necessary to tell, the debut in new quality turned out quite good: it managed to involve to a recording of the album such famous musicians as McCartney, Joss Stone, Van Dayk Parks, Joe Walsh, Don Voz, and also " group; All Starr Band “ which Edgar Uinter, Ric Derrinzhder, Richard Page, Walley Palmer, Billey Skvayr, Gary Wright and Richard Marx enter now.

The name of an album, one may say, is typical “ ringovsky “ - funny and clockwork: the first letter is said as the word “ why “ and everything together sounds as “ Why not? “. And it is valid - why is not present if still there are forces, energy and creative spirit? Listen to these songs, I recommend. Very pleasant album, from it and in dank dampness warmly at heart. Some things turned out almost Beatles, for example, “ Walk With You “ (together with McCartney), “ Everyone Wins “ or the song which gave the name to all album. Of course, Ringo not the genius. But without it as notices at the forum Beatles. ru user of Mr. Kite, “ the world of music would be incomplete. And even a little warped “.

And unless is not present? However, in due time Ringo Starr, “ rattled away “ in “ Beatles “ eight years, externally remained somehow in Lennon, McCartney and Harrison`s shadow. Also called it at best “ friendly modest musician “ (Leonard Bernstein`s formulation) - probably to make his presence at group more or less intelligent. But on John, Paul and George Ringo`s star background did not get lost at all. With rare exception, he performed parts of drums and percussion almost in all songs The Beatles (if I am not mistaken, he is absent only in several songs double “ White album “) .

Ringo`s baritone sounds a lead - a vocal at least in one song in ten of fourteen albums Beatles (if “ White “ to consider for two). Ringo can be heard still and in some songs in the general chorus, and also in the final of the song Helter Skelter where he indignantly roars: “ I’ve got blisters on my fingers! “ (“ I have fingers in blisters! “) unambiguously letting know: it would be time and stop playing music, the drummer - he is a person too! The songs in structure “ The Beatles “ at it only two - “ Octopus`s Garden “ and “ Dont` Pass Me By “. Probably, not to a kompozitorstvo then was. Or perhaps did not attach it special significance.

But then it was developed, as they say, on full. Together with “ Y Not “ it has today already sixteen solo albums. Probably, something worked well, something - not really. But Ringo still in a system. It is loved, appreciated, reckon with it. About five years ago, for example, Paul McCartney, being on tours in the USA within the world tour, fairly, probably, surprised personnel and listeners los - andzhelessky radio station KLSX - FM, having participated in the competition held by it on the best knowledge of creativity... Paul McCartney. And all why? Very much he wanted to catch the first prize - Ringo Starr`s disk “ Choose Love “!

And this winter Ringo got own star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. The memorable sign opened on February 8, and celebration 50 - the anniversaries from the date of laying of the Avenue began with this ceremony. Ringo Starr became 2401 - y a celebrity which name is immortalized for passed half a century here. By the way, earlier separate stars Lennon and Harrison were awarded, and in 1998 - the m opened the memorable sign devoted to all Liverpool four here. “ Abruptly, when your day begins with a new star, - not without slyness Starr at a ceremony of the celebration noticed. - I do not know how at you, but where I live, stars appear in the evening “. And he lives nowadays in the neighbourhood - in Los - Andzheles.

However, “ space “ it had a practice and before. Two decades the celestial body which and is called - " travels around space; Starr “. - m the International astronomical union appropriated such name in 1990 to an asteroid No. 4150. Three of his fellows behind numbers 4147, 4148 and 4149 received, respectively, the names “ Lennon “ “ McCartney “ and “ Harrison “ (these asteroids the American astronomer Brian Skiff opened in 1982 - 1983).

With the weather gods at Ringo in general, one may say, full contact and a consent. For example, for Christmas 2004 - 2005 North American command of troops of air defense offered it a position honourable “ observer “ for Santa - Claus. The musician agreed and is conscientious “ traced “ the movement Santa - Claus on the sky (quite so, in sledge, carrying mogutny deer, the North American fellow of Father Frost prefers to move), and uploaded results of the supervision to the Website which is specially created for this purpose. In which musical registration, by the way, its music was used. Besides, Ringo answered also calls “ more hotly “ phone line: the American children for Christmas are given the chance to call free number and to learn where at this moment there is Santa. Later uneasy Starr admitted: “ For me was a great honor to hold this position “.

Perhaps, Starr you will not call the superdrummer. There are, probably, masters brighter. For example, drummer “ Queen “ Roger Taylor, John Bonham who early died - glorified “ Bonzo “ from “ Led Zeppelin “ the excentric red bearded man Ginger Baker together with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton playing in " group; Cream “. And vocal skills at Starr, perhaps, not the smartest. And nevertheless when he gets down to business, it turns out remarkably.

It is impossible to tell, of course, that it is deprived of shortcomings at all. For example, both was in youth a malicious smoker, and remained. By the way, once it even “ impaired a little “ to it portrait: in the photo used as a cover for new boxing - The Beatles set - “ Capitol Albums Volume 2 “ graphic designers “ selected “ at Ringo a cigarette - in order to avoid charges of advertizing of tobacco smoking. And on a cover of this album there is no hint on bad habit of Ringo. Here only fingers of his left hand are put not absolutely naturally. And artists did not decide to add the photo.

However, he, it appears, not especially worries about it. And at each concert, at each meeting with friends and admirers says the phrase which became already well-known: “ Peace And Love! “ That is: “ World and love to you! “

I join Ringo and I wish you the same!