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Cartoon and caricature. How to draw?

Merlyn Monro, sex - a screen symbol, we use at the same time the limited range of make-shifts. Technical capabilities of a caricature for an illustration are very often carried out with use of a wide range of devices for drawing by means of which it is possible to draw the exact lines similar on ink, and to transparent paints which remind of application of a special feather or graphite core.

This action of transparency in a combination to strokes of different quality and voice-frequency gradation gives extraordinary force to light-emission. As the equipment with use of shading begins, certainly, with strokes, the volume of an image is created by means of the directed and rounded off strokes.

As a rule, the artist at first does pencil sketches to reveal special parts of the face of an image.

In this initial drawing the main emphasis is placed on eye shape, on sensual sharp eyes, on huge eyelashes, curvy shapes, size and a shape of lips, and also on the characteristic cheek birthmark playing a significant role.

The nose, on the contrary, has effect of extremely small.

On the sketch which is carried out by means of shading features are a little changed.

Eyes and lips are a little more slightly opened, the neck is thinner and the forehead is much higher. As you see, the artist works with a limited palette of paints.

It is, first of all, gray and blue tone which remind it is black - white movies. Thereof red lips which are characteristic attribute of the face of Monroe are stronger emphasized.

After the artist studied both previous sketches, he decides on the third version with slightly rounded features which emphasize sensuality of a portrayed image.

By means of a pencil he draws the main lines of a caricature and adheres at the same time to results of the previous both sketches.

He does not direct to purely linear image, and seeks to achieve voice-frequency approach by means of wide, parallel strokes.