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How to eat with advantage for health and a purse?

Nutritionists and just sane people constantly calculate rules of healthy food. However this work so far only at the very beginning of a way because we guzzled... that is ate and we continue to eat as the devil on soul will put.

The matter is that the person, having become the socialized animal, over time absolutely ran wild and began... to eat Big Macs, powdering all with ksantanovy gum and washing down with acid aerated water. In the world today two most serious and heavy reasons of mortality - from malnutrition and from a grub.

The English nutritionist Michael Pollan wrote the book Rules of food . It is a fruit of researches and conversations with many colleagues. Mike well systematized everything in hope that else there is a reading and sane public. Until the book is published only in English, we will give some councils. There are things familiar here, but there are also fresh supervision, the look.

1. The white loaf, the more harmfully

From the point of view of exchange processes of our organism, white flour a little than differs from pure sugar. Therefore it is no wonder that numerous researches confirmed advantage of black bread: those who eat generally products from wholegrain cultures live longer and with age less sores acquire.

2. You do not eat dry breakfasts which paint milk or water

of Muesli and instant various flakes traditionally are considered as the healthiest option of a breakfast. But if at hit in liquid flakes change its color, know: in them it is full of harmful additives, sugar, and besides they were processed so that lost all the useful properties.

3. You do not eat what would not be recognized edible by your grandmother

the Food industry does not stand still, as a result of the shelf of our shops are hammered by in what our ancestors would even not learn food. It is pleasant to us, and here to our body - by no means.

The matter is that the person instinctively looks for in food more sugar, fat and salt, and producers meet requirements of him to devastate its purse. But from the point of view of evolution, such food for us is absolutely unnatural so as what more over a product modern scientific minds worked, it finally is more harmful to those.

4. What grew in a kitchen garden is more useful than what was made at plant

by this

C by hardly anyone - will argue.

5. The food satisfies hunger, but not boredom

Strangely enough, for many of us meal is often urged not to calm feeling of hunger at all. We eat with boredom to spend time to calm nerves and even to award itself for something. As a result the relation to food as to a stimulus led to construction sweet and fat nearly in a cult; and to get rid by means of food of stresses and boredom - in general became a commonplace for the modern person.

6. The food has to be color

Try to fill the plate with products at least 4 - x different (it is better - bright) flowers, and you will understand how it is actually useful. In - the first, brightest natural (!) shades fresh vegetables and fruit (whereas meat, garnishes and bread cannot brag of it), and in - the second possess, psychologists say that to a raznotsvetya in a plate helps to satisfy feeling of hunger already only at one view of food. Besides, consumption of vegetables of different color guarantees you uniform intake of all necessary useful substances and protects from the maximum quantity of sores.

7. Was tired to read structure of a product? You do not eat

The more ingredients is a part of a product, the, most likely, the initial raw materials underwent bigger processing. So, there it is full of preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, fragrances and other artificial (unnecessary an organism) substances.

8. Saw terrible words? You do not eat!

Diglycerides, cellulose, ksantanovy gum... You what, you put similar in the house dishes? And there are no times, you should not allow smart producers to throw all these unfamiliar components in your food. Food industry workers - that seek to prolong the term of life of the production and to make its external qualities more attractive to the consumer, and your task - to choose what will not lie in a stomach dead freight and will give you a maximum of nutrients.

Of course, food additives were approved by all control bodies and, it seems, do not do harm to health, but, on the other hand, our ancestors thousands of years in eyes did not see any ksantanovy gum - and were quite happy. Why to go across centuries-old habits of human nature and on a string at advertizing gimmicks?

9. You eat that ate bacteria

Include products which were already partially processed by a gastrointestinal tract of fungi and bacteria in the diet. For example, kefir, yogurt... - that is all that passed process of ferment or fermentation.

10. Not all fat is harmful

the Overroasted pies and chips are one, and here fat fish (a mackerel, a salmon, anchovies) - absolutely another. Cod-liver oil is rich with necessary acids which are useful to heart, nervous system and blood vessels.

11. You do not eat what does not decay

Long period of storage, as a rule, testifies to thorough extent of processing, that is rather nutritional value of a product is reduced to a minimum. Besides in it, most likely, it is full of preservatives and other chemicals; the exception is made by fermentation products (wine, for example) and honey which can be stored and not spoil decades.

12. Do not trust a mark fat-free

Lack of fat in a product does not tell

about its usefulness at all. Fast carbohydrates promote excess weight too, but, unlike fats, also do not satisfy hunger. Meanwhile, very many low-fatty or fat-free products there are enough sakharist - the same dry breakfasts, cottage cheeses, ice cream, etc. of

13. Do not hurry

the Brain is required to

about 20 minutes to understand that you gorged on, and to send the corresponding signal to a stomach. So - as it is paradoxical - the more slowly you eat, the quicker gorge on.

14. The rule of broth

Meat broth - one of the most undesirable dishes on your table. As doctors speak, in water all most harmful substances which are contained in meat and one of them - heavy animal fat boil down. It promotes increase of level of cholesterol in blood, obstruction of vessels and to the subsequent heart attacks.

But vegetable broth - quite another matter. In it there are just those many useful nutritious components which of vegetables during cooking leave therefore it is better not to merge this soup.

15. Never you eat to satiety

Besides: our brain understands not at once that the stomach is actually full. Put a fork until as you will feel what in you does not climb any more, the feeling of satiety will come in 15 - 20 minutes.

16. Have no a snack

Almost all products which are on sale in street tents are full of concentrates and harmful fats, but are poor in nutrients. They are good in order that it is simple to chew and to occupy a mouth, but will not be able to satisfy hunger.

17. What is called equally in all languages and adverbs - not the food

Is about Big Macs and chips. Pizza and paste, for example, - quite another matter, for them at us are the, quite Russian-speaking analogs (macaroni, vermicelli, open pies).

18. Let the delicacy remain a delicacy

there is nothing bad in indulging itself with sweet or fried meat. Eventually, life would be dim and sad if it consisted of one restrictions.

But overindulgence has to remain overindulgence, and it is better to eat chocolate cakes in special cases - for a holiday, in day off or at a party.