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How to receive benefit or to earn from cheap dollar?

for anybody not news that the American dollar becomes cheaper. At the same time our ruble grows stronger. If to cast away excessive patriotism, then it is possible to understand that the economy of our country does not receive benefit from it any, and, on the contrary, loses a lot of things. But we, ordinary citizens, can receive benefit from this situation. Several ways to make it:

Buy the American.

At weak dollar it is very favorable to b to buy the American goods. The best exit would be most to go to the States, and there intelligently, i.e., with economy, to spend blood for rather cheap goods. If there is no such opportunity to travel, then you can look for the American goods at us, but at the same time nobody guarantees you benefits - there will be people ready to earn from resale (modern black marketeers). Option number two - to buy on the Websites. I know many people who buy on the American websites of audio - and the video equipment. Conclusion: it is favorable to spend dollars for purchases now.

Gold helps. Investors with experience know that when the dollar becomes cheaper, gold, as a rule, grows. On it it is possible and it is necessary to earn. Process is simple and favorable. Many Russian and foreign banks suggest the clients to open metal accounts. But it is necessary to do investments in precious metals carefully as the environment of this market is changeable. You should not do one-time large purchases. It is better to buy gold in the small portions throughout rather long time. Also you should not put more than 10 - 15% of the savings in gold. Try to take a long-term “gold“ position, but not to be engaged in short-term speculation.

We invest in America. As I already mentioned, the weak dollar does the American goods more attractive. In this regard not only foreign consumers, but also producers of these goods are the winner. Especially it concerns the American companies with a big share of export. It is possible to carry such known brands as McDonald`s, Coca to them - Cola, Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Microsoft, Intel, etc. In 2006 when the dollar depreciated very quickly, the cost of many of the mentioned actions grew significantly: from 15 to 30% per annum.

It is important to understand that there is no rigid communication between growth of these actions and weak dollar. Cheap dollar - only one of the factors promoting success of business of the American companies. Preferably also not “ to put all eggs in one " basket; - to invest money in papers not of one company, and “ to scatter “ investments on branches. And it is also desirable to consider a time log between decline of dollar and possible growth of securities.

The abroad will help us. One more opportunity to protect currency savings from falling of US dollar exchange rate - dollar investments in stock markets outside the USA. In 2006 they were not less favorable, than investments in local currency. For example, if at the beginning of 2006 we invested a certain dollar sum of euro in the European economy, then would receive up to 28% of benefit over protection of your dollars against inflation. If to count for euro, then your purse would grow heavy for 15% (but euro - that grows).

In addition. also other ways of obtaining the additional income on weak dollar Exist. “Work“ with various goods, except gold, the prices for which are also established in dollars, concerns to them, for example. For example, oil, gas, silver etc. It can be both direct investments, and investments in shares of the companies. There are opportunities in the sphere of tourism: it became cheap to travel to the USA.

But, making these or those investment decisions, please, remember that there were also other times. From 1995 to 2002 the US dollar steadily rose against other foreign currencies. Investors of the whole world bought dollars and invested them in the USA to keep the capitals. Americans with pleasure went abroad and did cheap purchases there … History tends to repeat.

Kind health to you and your finance.