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How to hold on in business of 20 years? Part 2

We continue conversation with Sergey Vasilyevich, the businessman heading own business since 1989.

... The fact that we printed the books which were issued till 1970 therefore according to the legislation existing in this sphere we should not have paid for copyright simplified our newly made business. It allowed to save strongly.

Further I personally was engaged in distribution of circulation - went on book fairs, struck up acquaintances to directors of large bookstores over the country, exchanged circulation at other publishers. There was such reception: you come with one book in assortment and, changing with other publishers, you expand the range. Circulation is so easier to sell.

- But also on a publishing house you, probably, did not stop?

- Can tell that I am the person who is fond, constantly broadening the horizons. Therefore in passing I developed some more directions of business. In particular, I started the cellular shop, musical shop. Our firm has in general many commercial directions - it gives it stability. Never it is impossible to put eggs in one basket.

Besides, having turned on the game field of business, you gain experience, you burn, but you become stronger and wise. Therefore it becomes easier to expand - the accumulated knowledge helps. Besides, I often go to business - business trips to the USA, Europe and the countries of Asia where I adopt experience of foreign businessmen.

I often help the young people coming to business, I give advice, I support. My acquaintances are surprised, I from it have nothing. And I answer them: How I have no if people to whom I helped went to independent travel? It is pleasant - to understand It that helped someone to get on feet. Like paternity.

I in general try to run business according to a law letter, helping at the same time people. It also helps me to stay afloat already 21 years. We are engaged in patronage, we give feasible help to disabled people, orphanages, schools and boarding schools. And we live.

- Despite all this, for certain many idle talks caused opening by you sex - a shop...

- it is valid, on April 12, 1996 in Day of astronautics when the shop - salon opened, many did not believe at all that similar business will be interesting to our city. Some made a wry mouth - it seemed to them that it is a shame to be engaged in similar business. Such I asked whether all of them have vital bodies. If yes, that why they consider that one bodies it is worse than others? Already then I considered that intimate goods are necessary first of all for health of the person, for his harmonious existence.

If at first sex - the shop was for me just business, its next branch, then then I was fond of it. And now I can answer quite with deep arguments my probable opponents continuing to make a wry mouth (the benefit, such remained not so much).

In - the first, I consider that similar goods lighten mood, give rise to fun. Even the most trifling souvenir of an erotic orientation loads people with pleasure. If, of course, they are not hypocrites.

In - the second, they help to diversify and improve sexual life - literature, video, various toys, linen and accessories, and also a various sensual perfume with pheromones brings new in couple life, forces to dream, allows to distract, relax, in a new way to look on already, apparently, familiar.

Well and in - the third, for those who temporarily have no sexual partner we will have many goods too.

For what all this is necessary? Yes just I consider that the person has to be harmonious in everything - he should not have unaffected spheres of life and personal health. Along with culture of healthy nutrition also the culture of the healthy sexuality conducting both to emotional and to a physical discharge is important.

Therefore I also am engaged in this business in spite of the fact that it far is not the leader in profitability.

- To create and support the so branched and dynamically extending business, it is necessary to possess remarkable energy and health. Do you have some secrets?

- Secrets, certainly, are. If to speak about vital energy, then it was descended to me from parents - they possessed a huge stock of cheerfulness and optimism. And as for health, it is not descended, it needs to be created and supported.

The decision to leave off smoking became very important step on the way to my health. I smoked 17 years before, but all - threw. Developed the whole system - it is possible to tell, the method of refusal of cigarettes.

It is also important not to touch with alcohol. I can drink, but it is no more than thirty grams - as the Soviet Minister of Health Chazov.

Then very important point - food. You will not find in my house sugar and sweets, except honey. Also we with the wife consume many vegetables. We have a rule: if you ate a meat piece, eat five times more vegetables. And we use meat only fresh, but not frozen. And still very important nuance: we try to spend the last meal no later than 6 o`clock in the evening.

Very much the fact that I daily do exercises helps, taking working shape. But here too it is important not to be overstrained, and to make exactly so much how many for you it is necessary. And that some confuse sports loadings to charging.

Also the fact that I alternate the periods of vigorous activity and rest helps. It is very important - to be able to have a rest. And that now very many are not able to do it - work without interruption and rest, and then get sick or at all fall.

- And how you have a rest?

- I listen to music, I take a steam bath in a sauna, I swim in the pool, I carry out auto-training, I meditate. And if I am at the dacha, then I bathe in the river and I sunbathe. During the summer period I in general try to run, whenever possible, all business from giving - I have something like a study with all necessary means of communication there.

By the way, the necessary component for vigorous, healthy life is family happiness. I am happy in marriage, I have two beautiful children working in our firm. With the spouse I live already more than thirty years, and nobody is necessary to me any more. By the way, it also works in our joint business.

- Tell, Sergey Vasilyevich whether you have still unfulfilled dreams, plans, projects? Or everything that you wanted, already came true?

- Well you! I often dream, I plan to go to this or that city, the country where was not yet. Sometimes I have almost boyish desires. For example, saw advertizing of a makholet, the interesting aircraft on the Internet, and had a desire to make it. Or at least to dream of it.

And in business it would be desirable to develop - now I look for new partners, leaders sex - the industries for the business in Russia and abroad, I communicate with many people, I consult, consult. There is a wish to develop - intellectually and financially. That there were enough funds for implementation of dreams. And there, you look, and the new direction of business will arise!