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The best products for extension of muscles for athletes of

since ancient times of the man tried to improve the body and muscles, by wearisome everyday trainings.

Many, seeing the strong rolled athlete, light up idea to become same strong and rolled. But here not a task you subject every day the body to wearisome trainings, and result you still hesitate to take off an undershirt in the public place since you consider that under an undershirt only skin and bone.

In what the reason? You torment the body with everyday trainings, and there is no result. And It is all about Healthy nutrition. In this article we will discuss what products will help you to make a big step forward in inflating.

1. meat has to contain as little as possible, cholesterol and fat meat is suitable for these purposes (ostrich meat, Chicken breast and the most useful the venison steamed and much habitual

2 beef. Sunflower sunflower seeds contain a lot of vitamin E. vitamin E promotes fast restoration of the damaged fibers of muscles.

3. Dairy products - are useful to the growing organism since in them calcium prevails, also to contain in dairy products useful bacteria which promote the best digestion of useful substances for an organism.

4. Mineral drinking water. During trainings of people sweats owing to what loses a lot of liquid which needs naturally to be restored, and also to make still a stock. Human muscles consist their 80% of water, and now will present if this liquid all to evaporate. Here from here the rule to drink as much as possible liquid in time, and after training follows.

5. Fruit and vegetables:

- Pineapple - promotes fast digestion of food since contains fruit acids.

- Sweet pepper - is in the lead on the content of vitamin C, right after a dogrose.

In conclusion of article would like to advise not to forget about the main thing. growth of muscles In time of training to drink plentifully liquid which is necessary for an organism as air. It is correct to steam food, best of all. And not to forget about recommendations data above.