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How to look after footwear?

in process socks footwear are exposed Every day to harmful effects of external environment: water, dirt, differences of temperatures, dust. And the shoes which are worn in Russia should maintain also a frost. If not to provide necessary leaving and the correct operation, even the most qualitative footwear will quickly come to unfitness. It is necessary to clean footwear at least 2 times a week.

Care of footwear includes:

- cleaning;

- drying;

- cleaning;

- polishing;

- impregnation.

Observance of rules on care of footwear will help you:

- to protect footwear from an adverse effect of environment;

- to prolong the term of operation of footwear;

- always to wear well-groomed attractive shoes.

Cleaning of footwear from smooth skin Dirty footwear at first should clear

of dirt a brush, to wipe damp, and then dry soft flannel fabric. If the footwear is strongly polluted, it can be washed out cool water (not for long), trying to avoid moisture hit inside.

Cleaning of footwear from nubuck the Footwear from nubuck is cleaned by

only in a dry state. For removal of dirt and dust it is necessary to use special brushes; many firms - producers of means on care of footwear have special elastic bands. At the correct selection of a brush (elastic band) the footwear after cleaning will become not only pure, but also rough. Pollution from a sole and a heel can be removed by means of damp flannel fabric.

Drying of footwear

should Dry footwear at the room temperature. The footwear cannot be dried on the battery at all or to use heating devices.

A shoe-polish from smooth skin Apply to

special means on a surface of dry footwear by means of a brush or a sponge. Evenly distribute means on all surface of skin. Wait until means is absorbed and will dry. Depending on what cream you will use, it will take from 5 to 30 minutes.

A shoe-polish from nubuck

It is unconditional, means which it is possible to clean footwear from smooth skin is not suitable for nubuck. The majority of firms - producers of means for care of footwear offer special means for footwear from nubuck. It can be impregnations, aerosols, elastic bands, cream. It is only possible to use those from them on which it is written that they are suitable for nubuck.

Polishing of footwear from smooth skin

For improvement of appearance of footwear should process it the special means adding gloss and brightness of color. For polishing (gloss giving) of footwear aerosols, sponges with drawing are used cream, wax. It is possible to Raspolirovyvat the listed above means by means of brushes (it is desirable from natural pile) or special fabric for polishing.

Impregnation of footwear generally impregnation of footwear is carried out by

by means of water repellents. Notice, impregnations for smooth skin and nubuck differ. Therefore pay attention to application guides of each means used by you. Very often cream, wax and so forth for cleaning and polishing of footwear are also water repellents.

Before using any means for care of footwear, read the instruction and act strictly on it. Do not remove footwear, stepping on a back. Also put on by means of a horn. Use qualitative means on care of footwear. There is a number of means on restoration of footwear: at emergence of cracks, spots, scratches, ave. attritions. At the correct use they can be applied to footwear. Reasonable care of footwear - a guarantee of its long service!