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The concept of federal strategy for fight against drug trafficking of

For reference: the concept includes concept - concept, image of concept, way of understanding, reason and conclusions. Dahl`s dictionary.

The first that needs to be made. To refuse complicity to narcoterrorism. It can be involuntary, free, hidden and deliberate, but it is necessary to refuse it. Now in Russia federal and regional law enforcement agencies, the socially oriented ministries, and also a number of public organizations mainly are engaged in fight against drug trafficking and prevention of distribution of drug addiction.

Nevertheless, achievements in this direction very modest. According to reports of law enforcement agencies the increasing and bigger amount of drugs is annually withdrawn from illicit trafficking, but it averages about 10 - 13% of the weight passing on the black market (it is very similar to income tax), and nobody even tried to estimate efficiency of preventive actions, having silently agreed that allegedly they are useless.

Authoritative statements of the state and public persons demonstrate impetuous growth of prevalence of drug addiction in the Russian Federation, and with it, certainly, and amounts of the consumed drugs. Too many cooks spoil the broth? Or it is valid with it there`s nothing to be done?

Modern understanding socially - psychological features of behavior of the person emphasizes that if he does not believe in achievement of a goal, then the objectives practically are never achieved by it. And if it also does not put it?

Lack of specifically formulated purpose in the state, other programs, and also public institutions are not represented casual if of course under the purpose not to understand such formulations how to conduct, strengthen, toughen fight, etc.

Absence specifically stated, measured if you want, the tangible, i.e. real purpose in the basis has a phenomenon circular (well disguised, but carefully guarded) irresponsibility of officials. What cannot be reached, nobody will ask. For this reason, most often, when the issue of financing of federal, regional, other anti-narcotic program is resolved, initiators break against the repulse full of scepticism and discontent which is proved if it is intelligent, then the fact that nobody and anywhere in the world coped with it, and, therefore, and in Russia will not cope, and there is nothing - to waste a pier, money.

It was promoted, in no small measure, free or involuntary, but from it by not less vicious, a glorification of so-called drug trafficking per se. It was allocated with such settled characteristics: as world, global, ubiquitous, impregnable, invincible, having forgotten that these concepts of Russian are associated with nobility and respect. The opinion on its fantastic profitability and omnipotence is absolutized and spread around.

And unless drug traffic - business in its semantic value? There can be what in a context is named by business, actually, is narcoterrorism?

For some reason very few people pay attention that, at sale of one kilogram of heroin on average one, as a rule, perishes, two persons, and more than ten sit down. At sale of 100 kilograms costs increase repeatedly and it without thousands of perishing consumers. And the most suitable epithet for drug trafficking therefore - contemptible, causing the rejection not only in experts, but also in the children who are tempted on next which became habitual, but from it not less vicious, than prostitution, and even more dangerous in sense of promotion, it is state - body - radio - newspaper cliche: almost every day beating on otmash our future, so much &ndash is once again withdrawn; that gram, kilogram of &ndash drug; the price in the black market in hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars .

Therefore the first. If we want to achieve the objective, it needs to be formulated and to be responsible for its not achievement. At the initial stage of understanding of it, for the state and its executive and legislative tools, the purpose &ndash can be chosen; during one, three if you want, five years to stop a victorious gait of narcoterrorism in Russia on all estimated indicators as quantity of the crimes connected with drugs, the number again of the diseased, which got poisoned incidentally or in connection with a suicide.

To increase withdrawal coefficient in two, three, more time. How to make it? The responsible and authorized person (the first is desirable) on behalf of the state declares that from now on and from now on Russia heads for destruction of narcoterrorism in the territory and it confers responsibility for it on itself personally. And all this that needs actually to be made as all the rest will earn on this purpose almost automatically. And it is a sentence to narcoterrorism in Russia.

Also it will not be necessary to convince the Minister of Health that drug addiction is curable in Russia, as well as in other world. And then he will forbid to distribute drugs and psychotropic drugs to addicts in medical institutions, i.e. to allegedly treat them. Also recognizes the Ministry of Health drug addiction as an infectious disease, not a secret any more that each addict attaches to the use of drugs a large number of new consumers.

And then addicts will not be able to attend schools and higher education institutions until recover. And in army they will not be taken, not be cured yet. And who will not want to be treated itself, the magistrate will direct that to treatment.

Both deputies will think again and will forbid the use of drugs in Russia. And that that turns out. It is possible to use, and it is impossible to store. That is how it? You ask. That is it is possible to store too, but a small amount as it is impossible to store only large and especially large sizes.

Both jurists will start and will remind that it is impossible to play with impunity with a basis of bases of justice, i.e. with inevitability of punishment. Also will cease to grant licenses for production of drugs legal (to the private companies). Also announcers of television from - for the fact that to doggies forbade to tie up pads under the general (narcotic) anesthesia as to children similar operations are performed under local anesthesia will not choke in a hysterics.

Also higher education institutions and schools will be cleared of addicts - distributors of drugs. Also the commercials from millions of screens of TVs propagandizing debauchery, platitude, theft of sausages of Kampamos and potato, and also drugs and, allegedly nonalcoholic beer will be gone suddenly.

Also it is not necessary to convince editors-in-chief to publish anti-narcotic material because one was already published last year.

Why? But because in fight against narcoterrorism not prevention and, especially, power fight, and anti-narcotic promotion will be recognized as the main tool.

For this reason the concept of federal strategy for fight against drug trafficking is formulated in the unique offer, namely: Full and irrevocable destruction of prerequisites, conditions, laws, the bylaws allowing an opportunity with impunity to make these or those actions forbidden by the law with drugs, and on the basis of it to plan elimination of drug trafficking in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Ivanov, president of OCOO Russia without » drugs;