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Whether there is a non-standard way to learn English?

I am not a fourteen-year-old boy to sit at a school desk, and in general cramming is not mine! - the candidate for a post of the director of the large company declared somehow, having addressed on English language courses, - Whether It is impossible to think up some more original way of training already? .

And now a request to raise a hand of those who never thought in the same way, coming to English courses where students are offered to cram words and grammatical rules instead of learning to speak. It seems, studying, studying, and only going to learn English rather too academic heritage of the Soviet school of teaching a foreign language bothered, and it is time to get acquainted with alternative ways to learn language.

Are ready?

So, way first . For those who are not afraid to seem ridiculous and are able to imitate people around well.

The first and easiest way - to go to the country of the native speaker. Half a year, year - and the yesterday`s student, bewildered and interest listening spellbound to each interlocutor, itself becomes the native speaker. Of course, more time can be required by someone, someone has less, but truth one - having stayed among the people able to speak some language always it is possible to learn it. Of course, it works only if you communicate with surrounding people, but not you work at the " submarine;. And that, how actively you communicate, directly affects language acquisition progress.

Here, however, the concept of language can be generalized to any skill, and being among the people owning some skill it is always possible to adopt it. And it is, perhaps, the easiest and ancient way of transfer of abilities from one person to another. The smith trains pupils in a smithy, the baker - behind baking of bread - knowledge in both cases is imparted in the course of their application, with the instruction on possible nuances and variations. It is healthy if the journeyman read the book before rising for a potter`s wheel (however, it can sometimes disturb - the person considers that he already knows a lot of things and does not hear what he is told and what teach to), but it is even better - if he tried to stick together the hands a pot under the leadership of more skilled colleague.

Also the situation and with language is. Language - knowledge practical, and just the nobility what it consists of, not enough. It is necessary to be able to use it. And the company of more skilled people - excellent help for this purpose.

But it is admissible, the country there is no wish to leave and it is impossible for a long time - what then?

Then, without deliberating, it is worth passing to a way number two.

A way second (however, not guaranteeing that you start talking language). For those who have a lot of free time.

That at whom free time is almost not limited and the schedule of life allows to devote to language much time, viewing of the TV - of course, in the interesting language will approach. The TV is understood as viewing of television shows in which leaders and participants talk much and long, for this purpose it is not obligatory to have access to the relevant channels, Internet access suffices. As a rule, the sense of transfer is clear, and it is always possible to look at concrete unclear words in the

dictionary. Experienced users of this way recommend to begin

with the strangest, ridiculous and (let nobody be confused by this word) silly film shows. Why? In - the first, emotions will help to remember phrases and a context in which they were are said, secondly, in such shows it is possible to gather both the simplest lexicon, and colloquial expressions.

The described way does not apply quickly to make of the native speaker`s person watching TV, but the speech will enrich, and at long practice will yield the fruits.

If you really want though something to reach by means of such way of acquaintance to language, it is necessary to spend for this occupation not less than half an hour in day. If it is not a lot of time for viewing of the TV, and the task to master English at the level of communication is particularly acute, it is better to pass to a way number three at once.

So, third way . For those who want to learn language in the country, but want quickly to learn to speak English.

If increase not far off, but is necessary for compliance to a post knowledge of language, it is worth using way number three. An English course (let nobody be frightened by the word a course - a course to a course discord!) with non-standard approach to training. Non-standard approach is understood as approach to language not as to self-valuable knowledge (when you know all terminology and rules) here, and as to skill. To one of instruments of transfer of the thoughts and feelings.

Such approach allows to get rid of continuous cramming, and other unpleasant effects - for example, a zabyvaniye of what was passed on the previous occupation, need to reflect, pronouncing about itself each phrase before answering the interlocutor. There is not a lot of such courses, one of them - an English course in Applied Education.

Already at a fact-finding lesson you without effort will understand that to learn English - is not difficult at all at a right choice of school. Practical approach turns occupation into pleasant conversation, a way to stick new acquaintances, to distract from vanity and household chores, but in any way not in cramming and fear for what learned will remain in memory only for the next couple of days.

Register in a free fact-finding lesson, and come to an English course to Applied Education - study language in the course of communication!