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Where radio wind proves?

at the beginning of the 20th century many scientists were convinced of existence of air, however Michelson`s experience stating lack of radio wind, it seems, proved the return. However, in the quantum approach dominating at the moment it is not possible to do without such concept as vacuum. And, it is necessary to allocate it with physical properties. The physical vacuum can be polarized, it transfers electromagnetic waves and gravitational interactions. Perhaps it is worth finding other explanation for negative results of experiments on detection of radio wind and to reconsider the conclusions drawn on the basis of Michelson`s experience. This article is also devoted to consideration of these questions.

What can indicate existence of air? The answer is obvious - it is radio wind. Now we will note some experiences, and we will look whether is not present in their results of presence of radio wind.

Radio wind has to be observed when moving a particle or a body in space. Pay attention to the following results of supervision which to challenge, I think, nobody will become.

1. At the movement of charged particle in space there is a magnetic field, or even radiation if the particle moves with acceleration. Nothing similar is observed if the particle is based.

2. At the movement of a neutral particle in space there are De Broil`s waves which characteristics, depend on the mass of a particle and its speed. By the way, for Earth there have to be De Broil`s waves too.

Now we will pass to waves and we will look whether is not present also at their distribution of any effects, and we will at once see presence of red shift in ranges of remote stars and galaxies. Moreover, the thinnest ray of light, or other electromagnetic wave, has tendency to extend.

So, we considered both particles, and radiations: and in both cases we see the effects which are a consequence of their movement in space. A conclusion arises - air exists.

Why in Michelson`s experience it was not found? The explanation can be the following. On those sizes within which experiment was made air surrounds Earth and moves together with it, that is concerning Earth, it is based. Therefore differences in speeds of distribution of electromagnetic waves diversely, in vicinities of Earth it was also not revealed.

If to take the fact of existence of air for a reality, then, naturally there is a question of its structure and properties.

We already know one property - it is observed polarization of vacuum.

Air is present everywhere.

Air has to be dynamic, that is capable to transfer electromagnetic oscillations and gravitational interactions. Synthesis of two last properties of air, in combination with information specified in the first point, leads us to a possible structure of air.

Imagine that all space of the Universe is continuously filled dipolar (consisting of two raznoimyonno the loaded halves) with particles. Transfer of the electromagnetic field in such space can be carried out by transfer of rotations from one such particle to another. If the particle polarly, then in the plane, the perpendicular plane of rotation arises a magnetic field. The wave will be cross. Straightforwardness of distribution of such wave is obvious, however, as well as spherical character of the front of its distribution.

Moving in the space filled with such particles, charged bodies will cause turns of particles as will attract one of particle poles, and to push away another. In case the movement of a trial charge is accelerated, dipolar parts will be turned on the whole turns (from - for mutual pushing away of their poles of the same name), creating thereby the radiation of an electromagnetic wave.

Such characteristic of an electromagnetic wave as frequency appears a speed indicator in a second of our bipolar parts.

In that case when rotation of these parts by transfer of an electromagnetic wave, happens in one plane, it makes sense to point to polarization of such wave.

The principle of superposition of fields is explained by nature of addition of these or those characteristics of rotation of these microparticles inherent that or to other field.

Proceeding from the offered structure of physical vacuum, there was an opportunity to demonstrate by what way elementary particles of the substance " are formed; from vacuum explaining at the same time as these elementary particles are arranged. It is possible to explain long how the gravitational field of particles is arranged and in what reason of its (field) emergence, and also to describe why, at interaction of two gravitational fields there is a rapprochement (attraction) of particles. But a picture is worth a thousand words. On the website of the general theory of interactions, you will find a set of the animation rollers explaining processes of emission, distribution and absorption of electromagnetic waves.

I will note that in the same place the new theory of gravitation is described, the new theory of a structure of elementary particles, atoms and molecules, the new theory of a chemical bond and is a lot more all new. It is necessary to tell what any assumptions, except provided in it to article, the author does not do any more. However all listed theories follow from the structure of physical vacuum presented here.

Because there is a lot of theories applying for the description of everyone and everything, there is a wish to add that the general theory of interactions is subject, that is does not use concepts of virtuality and uncertainty, and in it, the main principle is the principle of a continuity from which the principle of causality follows.