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Laparto`s lake

Laparto`s Lake is located in the Italian province Santa - Asunsyyon. It it was stretched at distance of 10 km? with North - the West on Hugo - the West also reminds a crescent moon form. This lake is located in deepening something reminding a crater. Scientists cannot still find out this crater from an ancient extinct volcano or a meteorite dint. Of course, the modern equipment can define it now, but already long time scientists fight for this problem. The lake it not simple, - it is filled with acid! At research the analysis showed that it is the concentrated sulfuric acid. As she got nobody here knows. This lake has neither sources, nor channels, that is any river and any stream does not flow into this lake and does not follow. At the satellite - space sounding it was defined that the lake is located in the territory which is crossed by Laperuzo - the Omani break stretching with North - the West on Hugo - the East. This break at a northern slope of Mount Mont Blanc begins, and Vesuvius comes to an end at the southern volcano`s slope. Throughout this break the does not show activity, however in the territory of the province Santa - Asunson a break extends and breaks off crust. And so, in this gap it was also formed Lapart`s lake. Depth of this lake very big also makes about 1 km. This lake has one big feature, it has kasterrita! Kasterrita are chemical natural formations of a tubular vertical form, something it seems similar to stalactites and stalagmites. Kasterrita are put by basalt sandstones which were formed as a result of centuries-old stratification at each other. To be the hollow space in the form of a tube in the center of kasterrit - diatrema. Tubes - diatrema go deeply to Earth, to a cloak. There is a certain space, the mantle center. In this center temperature very high, its substance rages and boils! At evaporation of this substance special substance which is called bituminous methane is formed. It as correctly gaseous and very poisonous. Then at release of this substance it moves on these tubes - diatrema. Tubes - diatrema settle down as a rule in all cavity of kasterrit. In this lake, by all calculations, there are 195 kasterrit and only 4 them leave above a lake mirror. Where kasterrita do not go beyond the level of a mirror of the lake have red color, and those which go beyond, - black. What`s the reason? The matter is that substance of bituminous methane very actively reacts with oxygen which contains in air and is oxidized, gaining black color. And here in water other case, it is known that water contains chloride magnesium, and at contact with bituminous methane caustic substance is formed - kasterrit! It has red color. When bituminous methane comes out in water, water as if boils or rages and as such kasterrit which does not exceed the limit of the level of a mirror of the lake there is a multiple quantity, now it is clear that occurs, - all lake reminds the boiling raging copper with the concentrated sulfuric acid. And there where kasterrita exceed the limit of lake mirror level, and them there are 4 pieces, from their top there are smoking gas columns which maintenance it: water vapor, hydrocarbon, chlorohydrogen, nitrogen, and also fumarolny methane which at contact with oxygen forms very powerful reaction of a chemical cycle 2 - oh valencies and therefore it looks as the natural pipe flaring a bright flame. Coast of the lake are, as a rule, paved by silvery marble. Takes this place 1 - oye the place on extraction of silvery marble. Here the plant of processing of marble, largest in Italy, under the name " is located; Transfer Gandorys Analitik This plant is known that it makes the known porous Italiyansky marble - Mersedes. At North - the west bank of the lake the ancient city Andres is located. This city till our times unfortunately did not remain. But, there is a legend that the patroness of this city, the queen Merida which was given rise by an animal is! According to some information it was the white pigeon, and on others, - the Neapolitan tiger, and then left a skin of an animal and Merida turned into the great queen. The queen Merida was a patroness of a kingdom Merida. This kingdom for those times, had very huge sizes, - about 300 thousand km? The kingdom had the lock paved by marble, also marble paved borders of this kingdom. The kingdom contained about 450 thousand troops and 2000 peasants who were engaged in slaveholding work. At that time there were very intense relations between the South and the North. And so the kingdom Merida, and the North, - a kingdom of the Black seas which had still the big sizes than a kingdom Merida, about 680 thousand km was the South?. The Grand duke Zestafon who had very high growth of 370 cm, very big shoulders and bright blue eyes operated a kingdom of the Black seas. And so, in the 13th century large battle took place B.C. Battle went 2 years, 2 months and 2 days. Tens of thousands of people died. And battle took place on the place of the lake of Laparto. This lake at the time of battle was not. The queen Merida had a son Arakhnel who in fight died on her eyes. When she saw it, she could not constrain tears and sincere sufferings. She went down from the lock and went to it. When it approached a svoym to the son, at this moment, some powerful forces formed a cap not of crime. She very long cried also these tears which she cried streamed on the earth. They became more and more, they filled deepening. And here this lake of Laparto was so formed. But, at first, this lake was called not Laparto, and Merida. Laparto`s name it received the name in 1700 when the city of Laparto and in compliance with it was built and this lake was called. Around the crying mother over the son there were a lot of killed innocent people. When filling space with tears these dead persons were turned into kasterrita. And on the place of mother with the son the chest with very valuable gold was formed. Still nobody found this chest with gold, but there is a belief that this gold was found in the 60th kilometer from this place in Blessed Avram`s temple. How it came to be there? They say that this chest was brought by soul of mother Merida, that is it means that the chest with gold is not mother and the son, and just the son. And the soul of mother long wandered on the lake in search of rest of the son. And when was Blessed Avram`s temple is built, exactly at 12 o`clock in the morning the sky burst on 2 half, lightnings began to sparkle and to rumble a thunder. And from the sky the large hail fell down. Suddenly unexpectedly the door of the temple opened and the soul of mother Merida together with the son flew to the temple. To Pasteur it was told that this chest with this gold it offered to very poor people and when he agreed, the soul of Merida calmed down and found rest in heaven.

And in honor of it made created an icon of sacred Merida which now to be stored in Blessed Avram`s temple. To this place, that is, to this icon, the great number of tourists and pilgrims as it cures a set of diseases hard to cure gather. And here to the poor, distribute gold from a chest, and gold never comes to an end!