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What to choose: paid or free advertizing?

ask This question both beginners, and skilled the Internet - businessmen.

Let`s weigh everything pros and cons, both paid, and free advertizing.

Pluses of a contextual advertizing They are obvious to


The first, you begin to receive a flow of visitors on the website instantly.

Also, you can operate a flow of visitors, that is choose, the one who and from what country or the city is necessary to you.

And that it is even more important, you do not spend the time for creation of a flow of visitors though, of course, on preparation and the analysis time will leave.

But not everything is so smooth.

Minuses of a contextual advertizing the Main minus is concluded by

that as soon as you stop placing advertizing, you disappear from the Internet. And it is especially sad as the traffic breaks instantly.

The second minus of paid advertizing is that it paid, and demands from you investments though personally for me it is plus as the couple of hours of my time costs much more, than expenses on a week advertizing campaign.

You should learn new skills, creations of the correct advertisements, managements of keywords and to other subtleties of control of campaigns.

On the other hand is huge plus.

You learn to understand requirements of the audience. And it is worth a lot.

And here that else if you do not learn it, you never, really, will succeed.

Besides, people who come on a contextual advertizing are cold in relation to you as ice as they come to you, having clicked on the usual announcement.

Pluses of free advertizing

In return, free advertizing, for example, through articles, either the blog, or mailing, brings to you warmer visitors.

It is huge plus.

Also it works as long as will long be interested people your content, sometimes many years. of course, it is free


Minuses of free advertizing

it should be created, and it demands time, discipline and efforts.

Free content will begin to work in months, is rare in weeks, usually in a half-year. And it is huge minus at the first stage.

It is necessary to you will learn to create interesting content. But here that I will tell you, actually, development of this skill - too huge plus.

You will never succeed in business if do not learn to state the thoughts and if in your head there are no thoughts. And you do nothing in order that they appeared.

Conclusions Everything is obvious to

. We need to take pluses of a contextual advertizing and to impose them on minuses free or on the contrary, there is no difference.

It is necessary to start, of course, with paid advertizing, but, without wasting time, to create free advertizing in the form of useful content on open resources.

With what to begin?

Study couple of books on this subject, complete couple of courses, for a start it is possible also free, develop the skills on trainings and seminars.

There will pass year, and you will become the good marketing specialist.

Heinrich Erdman