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What gift is waited by the man on the Defender of the Fatherland Day?

Absolutely not for long the stronger sex needed to wait for the most man`s and deserved holiday - on February 23 - the Defender of the Fatherland Day. This day it is so important to show attention to expensive and to beloveds. However to choose a gift which would tell about your respect and feelings, not so simply.

Albums, figurines, symbolical trifles - all this, of course, is lovely... But, before deciding on such purchase, think of what waits for these objects after time. Unless you want that the gift presented by you became dusty on the distant shelf?

Seeking to convince the loved one of gravity of the relations and intentions, to inform on the respect and respect, the gift needs to be chosen such that it pleased the man for many years. Hours or useful accessories, for example a lighter, for men will become the ideal choice.

As the proof of feelings - hours of Tissot

for the beloved needs to choose Hours


such that they were a match for it. What qualities your partner possesses? It is reliable, efficient, self-assured and... it is not deprived of chic. This is the person who commands respect, so the hours of Tissot personifying all these qualities will please it.

The trouble-free quartz mechanism, water protection (50 m) and the steel case will provide to your gift durability and durability. Silvery the dial a sapphire crystal gives respectability. It is possible to look, what time is it now, and in the dark thanks to illumination (luminescent shooters and tags).

The Tissot brand is the quality mark of hours existing more than 150 years. The company works under the slogan: “ Innovation - our tradition “ - despite the rich history, here everything is opened for new ideas and spirit of invention.

to the Best friend - Zippo lighters

If the lighter, then Zippo, - follow such rule men who already dealt with production of this world famous company. The original design, durability, the reliable and convenient mechanism allowed Zippo to reach a leading position among producers of lighters.

If you want to present to the friend a stylish accessory, then Zippo - your choice. “ The Gift which is remembered so many time how many you light Zippo “ - here the ageless slogan which defines advantage of this irreplaceable man of a subject in life.

Do not forget to apply to a gift a disk with record of the song “ It’s Probably Me “ Eric Clapton in which he used a rhythmical poshchelkivaniye of a lighter of Zippo.

to Dear chief - Cartier handles

Each man respecting himself surely has to have on the desktop presentable written accessories, they not only are pleasant and reliable in use, but also speak about its status.

Pay attention to the Cartier brand known around the world which is famous for the production - hours, leather products, accessories, spirits and, of course, handles. For the writing accessories of the master of Cartier use only the best materials, and thanks to rich finishing rank them as jewelry. And therefore it is not important at all what you present the handle, ball or peryevy, your boss for certain will remain happy such worthy gift.

to the Stylish brother - Dolce &Gabbana jewelry

In the childhood you often quarreled on trifles, but, having matured, understand that there is no person in this world closer and more reliably. The brother will always give you a helping hand, and it is not important, he is more senior or is younger than you, the main thing that he also deserves your warm attention on such remarkable holiday.

If your native little man monitors fashionable trends, then jewelry from Dolce &Gabbana - a ring, a bracelet or a stylish pendent will become a magnificent gift. The products D &G differ in original design decisions which are very much appreciated around the world. Meanwhile, the reserved color scheme allows accessories to remain in limits of good taste. Dolce &Gabbana jewelry will be a fine gift to the brother who knows what effect the combination of respectability and originality has.

- the leather products Giorgio Fedon 1919

Answer Dear father with

a question: who to you offered a hand when you took the first step, who met you from school, who fixedly studied persuasive gentlemen who entered you under a wreath? The father - the most devoted man in your life.

It is possible to please the parent with excellent leather products of the Italian producer Giorgio Fedon 1919. Portfolios, a purse, covers for documents, folders, card holders, traveling bags - here not the full list of products which differ in reliability, quality and functionality. Company orange color symbolizes special thinking, success and respectability. Strict black and brown colors - commitment to classics.

What gift you would not choose, the main thing - that it was presented in all sincerity! These

and many other options of gifts you can get

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