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What actually prevents us to achieve the objectives? Create the Personal History of Success

If you are interested in questions of success and financial wellbeing, then for certain noticed that all authors and trainers constantly go on about understanding in and a denye revision and revaluation lives...

For example, to you speak: It is necessary to look in a new way at events of your life, and then you will understand at once what to you prevents to achieve success .

You answer: Of course! I am ready! What needs to be done?

And to you answer: Well, analyse events, realize them, and then get rid of the limiting beliefs, and the Success itself will unexpectedly appear suddenly .

You answer: Fine! I very much - very much want! And what it is necessary to do - that?

The Great Guru vaguely answers it: With you everything is clear! You are not ready yet... When you are ready, all you will see... For now go...

Well, except the general words about understanding revision and revaluation practically nobody offers a concrete way which simply and clear will help to receive this understanding in real life.

As to prepare ? What specifically to do? Than of people which is ready to open, for example, the business differs from the person who, it seems, and wants, but is not ready? From the person who wastes all the efforts to inventing of justifications of type: now crisis - not time the starting capital " is necessary; I will make it later when ? And at this time the one who is ready, goes and opens business.

And they differ only in the fact that they have different Personal Stories.

What is it, Personal History?

It is history of our life. Or, more precisely, that we think and we feel concerning our life.

what we got used to consider as the personal history is a difficult combination of all images of at various moments of our life. These images gather us from numerous sources - from our ideas of themselves and the role in the world, from accepted in the society of standards of behavior normal person from ideas of us of other people stated aloud.

Day by day we retell to ourselves and others various episodes of the life taking into account all these factors. And gradually we begin to perceive them as reality, but not as our own interpretation. It already becomes our PERSONAL history.

And now prepare for the shocking truth...

At each of us TWO Personal Histories!

One of them external - that which we tell others - for example, about the vital plans and the purposes.

Second - internal - that which we unconsciously tell ourselves and according to which we live actually.

At one external history i.e. The purposes, coincides internal history i.e. with motivation and confidence in the success. Such person ACTS, and nothing to him prevents to embody the desirable in reality.

A at another - external history (in our example - I want to open the business ) does not coincide with internal history (inventing of justifications instead of actions). As a result - the internal conflict, a stupor, disappointment.

All know that to achieve at least least success, it is necessary to work. All know: to be in time more, it is necessary to plan the time. All know: to grow thin it is necessary to eat less, and to move more. All know: to live long and not to be ill, it is necessary to leave off smoking. ALL KNOW, but Very few people DO.

Business all that all intentions external history are useless without corresponding internal history Your success which will conduct you on life.

If you think that you control the life and always act in the interests, then make simple experiment - within a week do only what for you well and is useful (do exercises, eat only healthy food, you do not smoke, walk in the fresh air...) . Only 7 days! Well, for the sake of interest!

Hardly at you it will turn out to sustain at least couple of days! it is not simple

I old habits or lack of will power! It is yours internal history literally dictates to you as you have to behave and what decisions to accept in various life situations.

Having realized the internal restrictions, the person can try to change the vital scenario. However it is not simple to make at all. Unfortunately, attempt to change the behavior by means of auto-suggestion or by visualization of the desirable do not bring result. To change Personal History, it is necessary to overcome three main obstacles:

The first obstacle - yours old personal history is so volume and diverse that will be required to you years self-discipline to notice some real changes in life.

The second obstacle - your present Personal History has very good reasons for the existence - it provides integrity of your personality and helps to be guided with variety of life (even if in practice from it more than harm, than advantage). It means that you have to have not less good reasons for its change.

The third obstacle - yours seen the part of personal history has enormous invisible part which is hidden in subconsciousness of so, it is impossible to change only at the level of separately taken situation here and now .

In order that change of history worked, it is deeply necessary to investigate at first contents of your OLD story and to understand the purpose of the existing vital scenario. And then Purposefully to edit its SIGNIFICANT elements that the MODERN history in the best way answered your vital PURPOSE.

Only then you will find and eliminate the main internal restrictions which prevent you to achieve success in key areas of life - a pit, money, the relations, children, happiness, health, personal development. And then you will be able to replace internal the management to Inaction on new The MANAGEMENT TO ACTIVE ACTION also you will begin to approach surely the purposes .

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I Wish you to create Personal History of Success!

Irina Mikhalitsina