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Video message of the author and president of the SENP Program Alexander Orlov.

Came time when for the benefit of all world community need to get acquainted with new model of world economic system which goes for change of old, not well-founded economy 20 - go centuries ripened. It is caused first of all by increase of the second wave of a global economic crisis and the approaching collapse of the operating world economic order.

New, more progressive, world economic model (fundamentals of future world economy) is the SENP All-Russian economic program.

the SENP Program is a high-quality transition of public economic relationship to the following stage of evolutionary world development. Especially I want to emphasize

that the new evolutionary stage is first of all socially - fair market relationship in business, formation of a new world economic order on the basis of which positive (philanthropic) relationship in the world community in general will develop.

New economic model can be characterized as the system which is completely relying on small and medium business and on anti-globalization in world economy, and the same as itself adjustable market economy without direct participation of the state. In the state participation according to the SENP Program just there is no special need. High extent of self-organization on principles of social justice in new model of economy will provide in any state the high level of economic development and filling of the budget which, in turn, will provide full realization of national objectives already in other areas of activity of society.

New economic model is completely independent of old economy 20 - go a century and its operating regulators. Important feature allows to leave all collected shortcomings and problems outside development of new economy including corruption.

New economic model is is much more competitive than the existing economic order and in the shortest possible time will provide a post-crisis economic recovery in those countries which will take part in implementation of the SENP Program. And the concept of system crisis in new model of economy is not provided in the principle as is a remnant of the old imperfect model of capitalism which is given rise 20 - ym century of history of human development.

Development of new economy depends not on actions of officials and the Governments, and depends directly on the society and independent businessmen - owners of own destiny and own welfare. Very much I hope that all this will be understood soon.

In new model of economy everyone has an opportunity to fully realize itself(himself) in business without uncontrollable risks, having made, at the same time, itself(himself) and all world around benevolent and fair. In the SENP Program such concepts as welfare, justice and honesty are factors of directly proportional dependence. The more richly, the more fairly and more honestly.

On our website is developed public discussion of new economic model of world economy. We invite all businessmen and just enterprising people from the different countries of the world, to take active part in public business discussion of new progressive economic model of 21 centuries - the our happy future.

Author and President of the SENP

Program Alexander Orlov.