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What history of St. Valentine`s Day?

Other holiday too devoted to love are carried by the name Beltayn . Beltayn - one of the most magnificent pagan holidays which is carried out in the night of April 30 for May 1. Beltayn and the next days and nights is time of love games and communications. On custom of group of young guys and girls went to the wood and carried out all night long behind games, coming back with lots of flowers and branches of a birch (a love symbol) next morning.

On February 14, in day which we know as St. Valentine`s Day now pagans celebrated of Disting - the holiday of late frosts devoted to a victory of light of the Sun over dark days of Winter. This traditionally family celebration with an exchange of gifts and wishes of love. And still this time for wedding vows and feasts.

St. Valentine`s Day has also a founder - the Christian priest Valentin. Precisely the little is known of it. They say that he lived in the 3rd century AD, in the Roman city of Terni. According to one data, he was a simple Christian priest, other legends bring it to the bishop`s level. But practically all legends describe it as kind and sympathetic person.

In time when there lived Valentin, the emperor Claudius II ruled the Roman Empire. On the first place in the policy it put military campaigns, pushing religion and public foundations the background. He considered that soldiers battle much worse if behind their shoulders there are wives and children as the married legionary of glory of the empire thinks much less, than of how to support a family. And the emperor wishing to become famous for the military campaigns issued the decree forbidding to legionaries to marry.

But the love does not obey the orders and seldom who can consciously refuse it. And the Roman legionaries did not cease to love and want to legalize the love after this decree. And Christian priest Valentin began them to help.

Without fearing anger of the emperor, he continued to crown soldiers in love secretly. According to some data, its protection lovers stretched further away - he reconciled quarreled, wrote love letters for tongue-tied and rather stupid fighters, gave to intending spouses to couples flowers.

Matter of course as soon as the emperor learned about it, he solved him criminal activity to stop. And here burst a thunder - Valentin was detained, and the decree on its execution was soon signed.

But also in prison the kind priest did not forget love. According to legends, the blind daughter of the jailer fell in love with him. Valentin as the priest who gave a vow of chastity could not reciprocate the her feelings, but at night before execution (on February 13) sent it the farewell letter where told about the love, and signed it Your Valentin . It was read how it was executed.

According to other version, Valentin himself fell in love with the beautiful girl moreover, using the medical knowledge, waiting for execution cured it of a blindness.

As everything was actually, we will not be able to learn any more, but undoubtedly one - the Christian priest really died for Love.

Subsequently as the Christian martyr who was injured for belief Valentin was canonized by Catholic church. And in 496 the Pope Gelasius I declared on February 14 St. Valentine`s Day.

How celebrated St. Valentine`s Day? Not always people managed one cards and from where they went, these cards?

Hundreds years ago this day in England children were dressed up adults. Children went from home to home and sang songs about Saint Valentin. In Wales cut out wooden love spoons also gave them favourite on February 14. Spoons were decorated with hearts, keys and keyholes that meant: You found a way to my heart .

In some countries this day girls and young men gathered, wrote names on pieces of paper and threw these leaflets into a basket, then everyone pulled out on one piece of paper and learned a name of the darling. That girl whose name dropped out to the young man for the whole year became it Valentina and it it Valentin . Valentin composed to the girl sonnets, played her a lute, everywhere accompanied, say, behaved as the real knight.

Many for St. Valentine`s Day give to the beloved sweets or special candies in the form of heart. In some countries beloved give to unmarried women clothes. If the girl accepted a gift, so she agrees to marry this person.

Perhaps, the most original celebration of St. Valentine`s Day happens in Japan. The main action is called The loudest love recognition . Everyone climbs up a special scaffold to tell to the world of the feelings and in turn cries out recognitions. Most or the loudest award a prize.

Emergence very first Valentine`s Day cards it is attributed to French. Only in the Middle Ages it were not cards, but love messages, sometimes songs and ballads. Written Valentine`s Day cards appeared only in the 15th century. They gained special popularity in England. They were done of color paper and signed with color ink.

The most talented wrote Valentine`s Day cards in the form of an acrostic - it is a meter when the first letters of each stanza make together the intelligent word, in this case - a name of the beloved. Valentine`s Day cards cut out nozhnichka or punctured with small pins in the form of lace, painted through a cliche, created a Valentine`s Day card - a puzzle or a rebus, or imitated the medieval manuscript with color drawings.

At the beginning of the 19th century the mass production " began; Valentine`s Day cards . At first it were it is black - the white drawings drawn manually at factory. Modern lovers even more often congratulate each other purchased or virtual Valentine`s Day cards though made with own hands still are considered going from heart.

Did not lose relevance and anonymous Valentine`s Day cards . Sometimes they are written with printing letters, the left hand or from right to left that gives to the message mystery. However how many then pleasure to look for the author...

Customs at all people different, but are similar they in one: On February 14 is a day of love, day of pleasure, day when the spring wakes up and drives cold winter away. Warm the love the darlings, present them small heart and pronounce words of love.

Also you speak, you speak about the feelings not only on February 14, and every day. The Saint Valentin who devoted life to a love celebration also teaches it us!