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In what secret of excellent training?

Lately an education system are constantly corrected. Our government tries to change in any ways the sphere of training. The fact that our education system is imperfect is clear to all. But, the accepted reforms whether do well to our children, whether to the detriment, it is unknown. Still education reforms are surrounded with disputes.

Cannot force pupils to perceive and understand the teacher correctly information in any way. Most often pupils and students study to pass examination, test, to write control.

Training to become in burden over time. Children go to the first class with pleasure, with interest. They want to learn new. Remember kids before they go to school. We call them why-askers. Children vividly are interested in everything that surrounds them. And what occurs then? Over time this interest disappears somewhere. We write off all for surrounding circumstances. Actually there is very simple answer to a large number of questions.

New objects literally force to study pupils. But do not explain that, how exactly it is necessary to study that should be done correctly to understand, remember, and the most important - to be able to use the gained knowledge. From here and mistakes of the experts trying to correct an education system. Reformers change a problem consequence, and it is necessary to change the reason of its emergence.

But there is a technology which guarantees the best result of training. Her author is the researcher and the philosopher, the writer, the practician who helped much with development of many areas of life - L. Ron Hubbard. As a result of researches it established the main reason of difficulties in training - the misunderstood word . What is it?

The Word - clothes of all facts, thoughts - Maxim Gorky spoke. All that surrounds us, is called words, we call all objects words. We speak and we think also words. L. Ron Hubbard found out that the main obstacle in assimilation and understanding of information is the fact that the person does not know or does not understand sense, word meanings, their interpretation.

Everyone came up against a situation when, reading up the text, you realize that he understood nothing. In the text there were obviously words or expressions which we do not know or we misunderstand. Perhaps, at first sight all it seems clear. But, even the simplest words can cause bewilderment. Check yourself, try to explain value of simple and familiar words. For example, though as .

Is a consequence of the misunderstood word physical manifestations. Remember yourself during reading. Often, reading, you yawn, or it becomes boring for you - all this says that you met in the text the word or expression which sense in a context differs from your understanding. And now present how many misunderstood words collect at children during study. It also is the most important lack of a present education system. If information on the misunderstood word becomes well-known, then training will be less difficult and more effective.

Technology L. Ron Hubbard opens for us the reason of difficulties of training. And, knowing the reason, it is possible to solve a problem with ease. The technology really works, and numerous positive responses confirm its efficiency.

The Technology of Training developed by Ron Hubbard is an invaluable gift, this wisdom which needs to be born in society. This technology gives great opportunities which will help children to cope with different problems when training.

The technology of Training not only will help to resolve questions in assimilation of a training material, but also to programs of various objects, but also it is better to belong to study and to be engaged with interest, with pleasure .

I ended a course (on training bases - a comment of the author of article) and for me it something great! Such technology of training is obliged to get into all schools of the WORLD. After this course I began to put into practice; to study each word, to understand about what you read. In my profession I just have to apply technology of training. This great opening of Ron Hubbard already many years, helps people with education worldwide. I am very glad that provided me such chance to be trained!!!

Owning technology of training, you can help yourself or to any other person to acquire any subject with the necessary degree of care and with full understanding. It not coaching which is practiced by many usual tutors. In Applied Education there are special teachers - tutors - proyasnitel of words. These are the people who are specially trained in technology of training who are capable to restore knowledge of any subject so that further the person will not need the additional help. He will be able to understand a subject and to progress in its further studying and even developments independently. And such result is really excellent training.