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How to put itself at new work?

to Take a detached view of itself - a difficult task, especially it is difficult to see itself eyes of new fellow workers and the new chief. It seems to us that we behave faultlessly, we are the center of charm, and our business qualities are visible to all and everyone, but whether so it actually? How from the best party to prove on the new place of work?

When the new employee comes to work, during all trial period he is under close attention from the management which tries to understand whether it was mistaken, having chosen this person to this position. There are two main mistakes which are made most often by beginners. The first - revaluation of the opportunities, the second - on the contrary, excessive nervousness and uncertainty.

The first is made most often by those who know specifics of work, considers himself as the good expert in the business and the valuable employee. Having come to office, such person begins to behave so as if he works hundred years here. Recommendations of the management he listens to a vpolukh (say why to strain, I and so know everything). Mistakes which are made by the beginner become result of similar behavior.

It is not necessary to pretend what all of you understand if actually it not so. Can give you intentionally an impracticable task to check, how adequately you estimate the abilities. You should not argue also with those who work long ago, to represent the know-it-all, to try to show that you understand this or that question better. Perhaps, on the previous place you took stronger positions, and your colleagues to you listened, but it is in this situation better not to clash on trifles. Your task - to join collective, but not to win in dispute. Even if you really high quality expert, too highly having assumed airs, you do not deserve an arrangement of colleagues. Excessive self-confidence can serve bad service. So, someone will consider that you mark on higher post.

And happens, on the contrary, the person during a trial period feels ike a cat on a hot tin roof. And for nervousness it is capable to commit follies. Here the golden mean is important - not to be nervous, but also not to show all and each to their own superiority.

Successfully to pass a trial period, it is necessary to get from the first day to work in that order which will be specified to you by the head. Most likely, even if to you will not appoint the official curator, will call that employee whom it is better to ask questions. Most of people in principle like to learn. It is pleasant to much when consult with them. Who does not want to expose himself the expert, the expert? But when questions pour one by one and prevent to work, it irritates. Therefore the main rule of communication with the curator - not to distract it if he is strongly busy, is polite to address it, not to finger endlessly for a sleeve.

Do not forget to thank those who help you, both in a straight line, and in veiled forms. Share the first progress with the one who spent on you time and energy. If the chief praises you, tell the kind word to those who supported you. By the way, your formal reception for work will also be an occasion to thank the curator and to sum up the result of your communication in these roles: now you the full employee also do not need that for you looked.

In each collective there is the microclimate, and appearance of the new employee, certainly, it is destroyed. Therefore all by and large feel some discomfort in such situation. What it is necessary to pay to attention to the beginner that the period of adaptation passed for it quickly and successfully?

It is not necessary to remember often old work, to say about how there everything was good. You should not try to drag inclusion which you used, and rules by which were guided earlier, in the organization, new to you, even if you are sure that they will do good to business. Wait until your opinion becomes significant for colleagues and the administration.

Telling about itself something personal in the first days on the new place, you risk to receive a one-sided assessment. Do not conduct any private negotiations on phone, do not meet someone near work, do not invite to yourself home colleagues. About you there can be an impression as about the person thoughtless, paying not enough attention to business at once.

How you will look in the first day, a lot of things depend. Therefore appearance first has to be faultless. Comfortably to feel, try to put on without call, do not recolour hair. Wait until employees get used to you.

Nicknames it seems " quickly stick to beginners; strange somewhat eccentric etc. Try that your behavior was adequate to a situation. Even if you are frankly provoked, be higher than it.

Act according to corporate standards and observe unwritten laws of firm. You should not miss corporate actions and even small small parties. They are the best way to enter into collective. But the main thing - be not overzealous, know when to stop in the use of alcohol, in inquiries, in revelations.

Show friendliness in relation to colleagues.

If ask you the questions which are especially concerning your previous work, you can answer them and even to tell about the professional achievements, but only so that it did not look empty bragging.

You have to earn to yourself a reputation therefore it is better not to be late (even if all act this way), not to leave earlier, to do without compensatory holidays, to complete begun, not to bring others. Generally, it is necessary to approach an ideal as much as possible.

The opinion on the new person is frequent employees make on some trifles in his behavior, for example on what mug at it for tea, a lighter, the mobile phone, etc. For the fact that you prefer expensive elite tea instead of bags which lie on the general little table you, it is not excluded, will count as the snob. If there is the general tea copper - use it and do not forget it to fill up.

But as it is offensive, it is necessary to recognize: sometimes how people are ready in relation to us, does not depend on us. If you had ill-wishers or those who behave with you watchfully try not to give to them a reason for the conflict. In your situation to anything scandals. In collective, most likely, there will be also those to whom you will be pleasant, only do not abuse their arrangement to you!

Never grab in the first days at work what you are not going to do further. Do not shoulder an excessive burden. The head put you on a certain site of work. If you had a predecessor, then your functionality is already debugged scheme which you at reception discussed with the employer therefore it is not necessary to show excessive enthusiasm. In order that it is good to prove, rather faultlessly to carry out about what you are asked, and nothing to offer. Over time, when you will absolutely accustom, will find the right to control a situation for now you the beginner, is better not to risk.

Think that you came to someone`s place. It is quite good to learn what the person why he does not work any more as most of colleagues and the management belong to its leaving was. You should not ask about everything directly - hardly you receive the truthful answer. But someone for certain will blab out something, you will draw some conclusions, how the predecessor ran business as apprehended his leaving of the colleague etc. The more enthusiastic responses you will be given, the it will be more difficult to turn it the place in the . The bright extraordinary person will for a long time be remembered - means, it is necessary to be ready that will tell about you: It is that which came to the place of it is that . If your predecessor was a joker and soul of the company, and from you, on the contrary, pincers of the word will not extend, it is not necessary to try to play its role and to seek to resemble by all means it. The bad copy will not replace the original. Therefore remain yourself, let will fall in love with you for your personal qualities.