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The novel - as compensation?

according to psychologists, novels on the party including office, get to receive some compensation. The person lacks something in marriage, but seriously he / she is not going to break a family. And therefore thinks what optimum would be to get the novel at work - it would help to receive, on the one hand, missing, with another (especially if the object is not free too) - would insure against too big fixing on these relations.

In " option; both are not free everyone considers that marriage of another - an insurance for own which is so far desire to keep. Though sometimes the reality dictates other terms, but seldom think of it in advance. Besides the novel at work - an opportunity not to spend excess time for absences and once again not to lie. With our distances and employment it is quite difficult to allocate excess evening in a week for romantic appointment, and here it is simpler and simpler - was late at work - saves both time, and forces spent for explanations concerning lack of the house.

Unfortunately, nothing is eternal, and an office romance - especially. And when it comes to an end, it is necessary that career did not end together with it. As psychologists speak, here it is all about nuances of those love relations which developed on a workplace.

According to the psychologist if the office romance was only a romanchik - flirtation - perhaps, its parties also will have only feeling of disappointment after a gap. And the fact that all history occurred in the face of colleagues, will add the bitter deposit seasoned with smiles and grins of ill-wishers to disappointment.

If the novel was full of strong feelings, then its participants should be ready to the fact that certain time will be difficult to work with it with a wound in soul moreover and receiving a share not always of pertinent participation or open not goodwill from colleagues. Moreover, the hero of your novel at you in the eyes can begin to build other relations what it is not so pleasant to look at. And by that the excess kovyryaniye in a wound will be provided to you.

And here the only exit is to find new interests in life (perhaps, some hobby), and with the former hero to try a gap situation to finish through open conversation and ritual of parting. Besides, when the relations at work will come to grief, you can to cover suddenly the sense of guilt which undertook from nowhere. Often after a gap people become more critical or apathetic in work just because inside it is constant chew the fault (why at me always so and why I etc.).

For what to blame itself? For the endured happiness moments, even if within office? Probably, we can and have to, only release last love and again to be ready to meet another?