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Whether it is necessary to castrate a pet?

Still quite recently your favourite rushed on the house a small amusing ball, pleasing both adults, and children. But there passed some time, the animal grew up, and not far off that period when the reproduction nature " demands;. And your dog already can is lost in contemplation of girlfriends of all breeds, and the cat outputs night serenades, uneasily rushes at the nights on the house, and in the afternoon insolently marks corners?

No, it is necessary to do something - owners will think, and will be right. And not only because similar manifestations complicate their life a little, and at times and neighbors, but also because unrealized sexuality of animals in the future can lead to pathology in health of animals.

And if the owner of an animal does not plan to receive posterity from the pet, then it is better to sterilize or castrate him. Otherwise it can ache. In the nature they match and live so much how many by it it is released. That is live not for long, so, and birth rate from them is required maximum. But sexual instincts of animals are extremely developed - because and room pets experience absence of the partner very violently.

You will not argue with mechanisms of the nature. Otherwise unclaimed bodies spoil.

At an unsterilized cat or a dog who was never pregnant develops pathology with age: cystous regenerations of ovaries and uterus, mastopathy. Or it is worse than that - cancer. At dogs and cats whom owners did not castrate the chance to face prostate gland diseases is high.

The general recommendations

Opinion of veterinarians in this respect of an odnoznachno:esla the animal does not participate in cultivation, means better to delete genitals. There are two ways of surgical intervention - castration and sterilization.

Sometimes owners prefer sterilization. Instincts of reproduction remain, but animals become fruitless. There is an opinion that a sterilization method for lazy owners. The cat after sterilization also marks, exhaling an unpleasant smell, and heart-rendingly shouts. At cats techka (the hormonal background does not change) proceed and even sometimes there are pregnancies.

The best age for castration of 8 - 10 months. At this age the animal already reaches a physiological maturity, but at the same time it did not create yet a habit to mark the territory.

Some owners believe that the giving birth cat cannot be castrated. It is incorrect: cats well undergo an operation at any age, as well as cats.

Is incorrect opinion that it is necessary to give to give rise or tie at least once to an animal. Most likely this myth is thought up by manufacturers of clubs to receive a perspective dung from high-thoroughbred breeding animals.

the Statistics shows that when carrying out operation at cats to the first techka the probability of developing of a tumor of mammary glands makes less than a percent. If to carry out procedure after the first techka, then the risk increases to 8%, after the second - to 26%.

Sometimes veterinarians recommend to sterilize the pet at two-month age. In infancy operation practically does not render stressful reaction to an organism. But it is better to wait for puberty of the pupil nevertheless. Too early surgical intervention threatens with a hypoplasia (underdevelopment) of genitals. And the most important, at your pet can remain children`s behavior for the rest of life.

If you decided on operation, then it is desirable to examine an animal at the expert to check a condition of the main bodies - a liver, kidneys, heart. And operation should be performed only during the cold hormonal period when females have no techka. In day of operation the animal is not fed. Of course, in clinic your favourite can conduct differently himself, vzavisimost from his temperament. The most kaprizny and nepredskazuyemy - red cats.

How to look after after operation?

1. In the first three - four hours are important to watch an animal that it did not put itself a trauma. At the operated dog there comes the disorientation, she badly thinks. Dogs and cats get under a bed, climb on a case, try somewhere to leave. Only then fill up with a usual dream. Cats feel helpless at this time and need caress and special attention.

2. To eunuchs put on special protective bandages - body cloths that the animal did not razlizyvat seams rough language. According to the recommendation of the doctor to the pet can appoint antibiotics.

3. On 10 - 12 - y to cats seams remove day, to cats external seams do not impose at all.

4. If the box with sand was the place of a toilet of an animal, then it needs to be cleaned and replaced with time with a tray with paper. In the apartment it is necessary to make damp cleaning.

5. The castrated cats and cats cannot be overfed as they are inclined to obesity. The thicket should feed and smaller portions, to buy a dry feed with a mark: for the sterilized animals. The animal who is correctly raised, not deprived of attention will be also vigorous and clever, as well as ungelded relatives.

Keep in mind:

The castrated cats cease to leave odorous tags and are not torn to the street.

At females stops a techka.

The sterilized cats have no false shchennost, they do not ask cats.

After castration at restless animals decrease aggression attacks, they become operated.

The Dutch scientists established that life expectancy of the castrated animals increases by 1,5 - 2 times. Long-livers occur among them. Also for eunuchs the risk decreases to catch infectious diseases.

Castration and sterilization do not influence hunting instincts of animals. The operated dogs and cats do not lose the right to participate in exhibitions (in a class of eunuchs).

So going to the veterinary surgeon, you can calm yourself also the fact that operation not only corrects behavior of an animal, but also serves as reliable prevention of dangerous diseases.

But the final decision, certainly, for owners. If there is a psychological barrier before similar operation and readiness to divide all his problems and feelings with an animal, then your animal not only will afflict, but also will please you with all versatility of the nature.