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How to survive in the winter?

If to consider that the winter is the long cold dark season contrary to a calendar lasting not three, but nearly five months, then will become clear - so it is impossible to live. But as to move to warm regions all these months it will definitely not turn out, and the winter already came - it is necessary to combat for a survival.

It is possible to fall into hibernation and to wake up safely only in April. And it is possible to stock up with all necessary and to winter not only without problems, but also with pleasure!

Let`s say the roof over the head and food in the refrigerator at us are, we bought a fur coat too, sledge prepared in the summer and it is necessary absolutely a little bit to fully complete winter “ living wage “ - only eight things without which it is simple not to survive in the winter.

1. The sun

Scientists came to a conclusion long ago that the lack of the sun conducts to fatigue, and can become deterioration in mood the depression reason. Not to jump aside a pale sluggish shadow, it makes sense to use the artificial sun in a sunbed. Even absolutely short sessions will help to get warm, relax, accumulate heat and vitamin D (which, by the way, is responsible for a calcic exchange, strengthens nervous and blood systems, increases immunity).

Easy suntan will distinguish us from crowd is gray - green fellow citizens and will lift a vitality at a look in a mirror. If it is impossible to descend in a sunbed for some reason - try autosuntan. It, of course, will not give vitamin D, but will humidify, will saturate and will refresh skin, having given it a golden shade.

2. Cream

Winter - serious test for our skin. In the morning - a rain and slush, by noon - wind and a blizzard, and by the evening froze up to -15 degrees. Such differences as, however, and the stable frost or just strong wind, are reflected in skin not really well. It dries, spends a reserve of nutrients, is shelled and grows coarse.

In winter time the cream (moisturizing, nutritious, voice-frequency) is simply necessary. Most of cosmetologists considers that it is necessary to use foundation in the winter - it creates the protective layer saving from a frost, wind and prickly snow on skin. If you essentially do not want to use foundation - do not deprive skin at least of moistening and nutrition.

Any cream needs to be applied on skin not less than in twenty minutes prior to an exit to the street. And in hard frosts it is better to use nutritious cream in the afternoon, and in the evening - moistening. In normal weather (to -4 degrees): in the afternoon - moistening, and nutritious - for the night.

Also do not forget about hand cream. After the person of a hand - the most vulnerable part of a body for a frost.

3. Sunglasses the Ultraviolet (even in minute winter quantity) is harmful to

both to eyes, and to gentle skin around eyes. Being reflected from white glossy snowdrifts, the sun will stick together, forces to squint, and new wrinkles as a result develop. By the way, all above belongs not only to ski resorts (there absence anti-UF - points in general threatens with a retina burn), but also to a usual city landscape.

So do not hide sunglasses on winter storage. And it is even better - use winter discounts: practically in all optical salons in the winter the prices of sunglasses fall by 50 - 70%.

4. Alcohol

the Classical winter occasion to drink - “ for a sugrev “. Pochemuba not to follow tradition? Intelligently, of course. After the working day and jog on the rimed streets it is so pleasant to eat a plate of hot borsch - with a segment of fresh garlic (for immunity) and to wash down with a glass of vodka (for completeness of feelings). Or to drink a cognac glass in the bar - vessels extend, blood runs quicker, here both were warmed, and became cozy.

Any strong or average fortress alcoholic drink will quickly recover the shivered organism and will help to relax not only psychologically, but also physically. Will not prevent to have in the bar a small bottle - another wines too - all know that in the winter people around the world drink mulled wine.

Categorically you should not abuse alcoholic drinks on the street: from alcohol vessels extend, there will be an illusion of heat for now the person is blissfully happy - his organism gives this heat how much in vain in the surrounding frosty environment. And, without noticing that, freezes finally and irrevocably.

5. Scales Scales are simply necessary for

because in the winter search of calories is almost guaranteed. In - the first, inevitable seasonal change of a diet: despite abundance of fresh fruit - vegetables in shops, in the winter they not such tasty and much more expensive. You want - you do not want, it is necessary to pass to canned food, macaroni and potato with sausages. In - the second, for maintenance of heat in winter conditions the organism needs much more energy, and feeling of hunger more sharply, than in the summer: to eat almost always means - to be warmed. In - the third, in the winter we are less mobile, we prefer to sit in front of the TV, having wrapped in a cozy plaid, to drink hot tea with a cake. Here to you and extra kilos.

It is gathered “ winter “ weight very quickly, and here to dump it in the early spring against avitaminosis and the general postwinter weakening of an organism will be oh as not simply. So stock up with scales, and you keep a situation under control.

6. Holiday

Winter - serious loading for an organism so do not wait for summer heat - go to have a rest in the winter. To master fashionable snowboards and mountain skiing not so difficult as it seems. Week will pass quickly, but air inhale, sleep off and join sport, though for a while.

If you do not love sport, get poisoned in SPA - boarding house. To organism all the same in what season to luxuriate in mud baths, to do masks and massage, and will be to look younger and freshen up on the eve of St. Valentine`s Day very opportunely to both women, and men.

It is very good to go behind the sun to tropical countries too. Especially the thought of the colleagues and friends kneading snow in the dank city warms soul while you lie on the beach. Only be careful with acclimatization - there is a risk to catch a cold upon return: drink vitamins and more warmly muffle up the first week after holiday.

7. Bright hat

However, optional hat. Perhaps it will be motley mittens, a multi-colored striped scarf or is poisonous - pink valenoks. The main thing - to have in winter clothes at least one bright unusual or ridiculous thing. Such “ feature “ will lighten mood to you, will give “ drive “ also will draw attention of people around.

We often refuse bright flowers in clothes for solidity reasons. Brightness - the privilege of children`s things. These also should using in the winter. Children love winter much more adults, they are capable to derive pleasure and from driving on a hill, and from through trousers wet after that. Only one bright thing will help to remember the childhood, to find ease and to be sent to the power of winter entertainments and madnesses, and in addition will warm.

8. The man (or women to whom what is closer)

you present how many long winter evenings wait for us? Hundred twenty one! If for the equal account not to consider New Year`s which for certain will be short and troublesome it turns out hundred twenty. And you want to while away them alone? Get the novel rather!

The cozy, warm, living person will warm not worse (and it is better) than cognac with borsch, will lighten mood more effectively than a sunbed and quite successfully will help to fight against excess weight. Not to mention that the person - not only worthy replacement to the TV, but also the beautiful partner for joint viewing of this TV.

Perhaps, he will pull out you to walk before going to bed, will throw snowballs or will drop in a snowdrift, will leave tracks dirt in purely washed up corridor and will drink all contents of bar, but he can descend in a drugstore - behind vitamins, or to pour a hot bathtub - with fragrant foam, and will definitely not allow you to miss and long.

By the way, psychologists say that “ winter “ novels - the strongest and if couple managed to have the coldest and depressive time and not to leave, then such relations have a serious future.

And if contents of bar and a peace of mind are more expensive you than love affairs - get a dog or a cat. They too warm.