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What to do when the belief left and there are no forces to continue to work?

Many set to themselves the purposes . Also try to achieve all truths and not the truths them, as well as in online, and offline. And many suffer crash - and having found of the pot of gold.

Ya was made by the analysis of all this, everything was experienced on the skin - it is so possible to tell. And could not find in any way the answer why one person succeeds, and another - leaves back home.

What turns out, one type it is lucky, and to another is not present. And to be reduced everything to one, very important point:

EVERYONE is CAPABLE to achieve SUCCESS, EVERYONE . No - exceptions, you can, and here you cannot.

Many begin to act and act because they have a purpose, dream or something else that they want to receive from life. Also understand that anything not making - will not lead them to the purpose. Both begin to work - and rest - against OBSTACLE .

And the most interesting begins here , many look for justifications, is not for me, it is heavy, it at me will not turn out, I am already old, my time passed, here one youth governs, I am better for others I will be engaged, it is a scam, we were deceived and so on I better will stop doing in time it.

And in this the moment of people makes the choice - whether forces for overcoming of these obstacles are necessary to me or I will be engaged in something in another?!

I will speak about the first option, it is closer to me. And I these morals live.

From where to take forces and belief what everything will turn out at me?

Also I want to give you very good idea , I realized it only recently and learned about it, it is possible to tell this secret.

What is usually done by people, books, teachers in most cases . teaches us how to make it how to make so . I train us AS???

BUT us never trained, WHERE we want to get? What purpose of all this?

Where we want to give our ship life?

But that this thought began to heat you, as well as me .

Think here of what . Many know where to be the city of St. Petersburg, and you, for example, live in Moscow.

You can take the card, you can look on the Internet and choose for yourself any route as to me there to arrive. Any

A now the strongest thought even if instead of St. Petersburg you will go to Algeria, then to Toronto, then to Mexico . You, having the card and knowing your purpose - you will Always come to IT. Always, only the question in another - whether will be enough time.

Now I am happy, but could be and is not present. How to Become happy now? Why I write about it as happiness - gives us strength, belief, hope, good mood.

Thereby we begin to rise above the opportunities, we add motivation, belief and other forces which help us to live.

The first, it is necessary to choose and to want to be happy. It is necessary to replace a kind of activity or to add to it something new. what you will develop. As happiness is the movement, advance, but not back.

When we are on a wave, we feel better and more perfectly. It is necessary to see around himself something new and interesting. To plunge into other condition of life. As habitual life - could kill in us happiness and love to life.

To plunge into other course, to force itself to live in a different way. It will make you the author of the life.

And how to light heart , and to begin to attract powerful force to achievement of your dream, I will tell you in the following article.