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To remain the loser or to become the favourite of the Universe?

Lyubov Latypova,

certified layf - kouch, the USA

... And seemingly simple truth - to receive another result, it is necessary to make something by in a different way .

But then why so often people are hollowed and hollowed by the head about a wall, so far either will not hurt the forehead, or the wall will not fail and will not bury under itself the one who is hollowed?

Recently even more often I meet people who came to a certain level of success, and further in any way. Everything that worked earlier, suddenly does not work any more. As if rested against invisible (that) wall or a ceiling.

I see that I have everything for achievement of the objectives, I can even accurately tell as as it is necessary to make, but... I do not do. I postpone, I am lazy, I call it I dare to relax . My laziness is absolutely similar to a glass at the alcoholic.

On the other hand if I get down to business which I do with with all the heart and energy (besides is always a work at full stretch that too it is correct not to eat), I receive tremendous results in sense of scale and advantage for mankind, every time at the end I understand that I personally from it received NOTHING!!! I did it for someone`s glory, for someone`s financial success etc.

Maria, Russia

Was tired to lose...

Always it seemed to me that I am minion of fortune, everything successfully worked well, children, a family, prestigious work, change of the place of residence, second marriage and... the limit came to an end. What I will undertake, does not lead to result. One questions and any concrete answer...

There are all opportunities for development, and I do not sit before a TV set, constantly I dig in myself, I develop, I draw conclusions, I work on myself, and result in life zero...

Oksana, Spain .

Well really they are such stupid?

And you? Really you never accused yourself that you something could not easily others got what, and never envied more successful?

Well, then you is valid at top of success and this article not for you.

It for those who sincerely seek to reach bigger both again and try to win against circumstances again. And does not even guess that it is not necessary to win against circumstances. They should be USED. As the steps conducting upward as the Podium...

But that to use them, it is necessary to learn to listen, hear, understand himself and others and to build life in the correct order. And when you begin to understand, it turns out that not everything is as obvious as it seems at first sight, and life throws a set of additional questions and questions.

For example...

A platitude became to achieve success, it is necessary to aim, and even earlier - vision, and it is even better - Mission ... We set the purposes, we register vision, we are inspired... And all. We postpone any day, since a week for a week... Year after year...

Very often it turns out that our Great Purpose and our Fine Vision actually not so ours. They are imposed by circumstances, family representations or social stereotypes.

There were they, most likely, because it is necessary to patch some holes in life. In the budget the tear was formed. In private life - a loneliness hole. Career hangs by a thread... Therefore fast we will dream of finding one million, to meet the Prince charming or to receive the fantastic place of the Managing director...

It is bad? By no means. If you to yourself namechtat it, it is already huge step forward. And you significantly differ from those who are afraid to dream simply.

There is one only small but . You actually do not feel this Fine Vision by the. And or you do nothing, or you run ahead of the engine and you begin to hollow a wall, without having defined strategy, sequence of actions, without having prepared the necessary resources, without having mastered tools, without having got supports...

As you can see, on this way there are a lot of questions. And where - that is yours. You answer it - further everything grows together as if by magic, all goes to hands. But to reach it, sometimes it is necessary to work fairly. Our consciousness does not love the answers which are not coinciding with our beliefs. Everything that does not coincide with its estimates, it fast declares the nonsense unworthy attention, and forces us to be angry, envy and arrange the world under itself.

Here couple of examples from training The Woman, well lift, at last, your money! . Training one of the most popular, probably because about money . And some participants expect that they with my help fast will conjure them or once again will construct system of the account and control - that magic system of the account and control which still at them did not earn. And some of them strongly are angry when they have to do what earlier they never did.

And then someone opens about himself surprising things... For example, that big money for them does not exist at all though, of course, they want to have them. But actually they in that party do not even look. Money is in itself, the people having them too somewhere abroad of reality, and they with the today`s problems and troubles - in real lives.

Everything, the path is closed.

Still quote:

... mother. It has in general a favourite expression: money is a garbage, and about everything that for me is manifestation though some wealth, she speaks - it should be thrown out. Now it is our big library which always meant for me: We have no gold, but we have books, this our wealth ...

With the father it is a little differently. He sought to have in our house something the best, all the time built something on a garden site, but quite often at the last minute could do everything that made, to spoil from the point of view of beauty.

Or at once remembered the moments when he got sick and lay paralyzed, arranged noise if saw that I gather somewhere. On my answer that I need to go to work, objected: Why for you for work, to us is enough for bread, stay at home .

One more lady suddenly found out that she does not perceive successful people, but not everything but only successful women who in something are similar family history to its destiny. Classics...

And what turns out? It directs a power charge which she could aim at the development of the business with our help to that being closed from me and other women who seem to it more successful. Strange, but women internally compete much more often than men.

This feeling forces very many to sit in a mink and not to lean out and frequent it is just fear that you will be envied and you will stop being in someone`s eyes good girl . Because successful women are not absolutely good for all.

If at you something does not go, for certain and in you the favourite splinter sits very small (or very big, but invisible). And you just do not see it.

There will pass a lot of time before you notice it. There is the following trap: the temptation is big to get stuck at a heart-searching stage because it justifies today`s failures from the point of view of high spirituality and in itself gives lives sense.

Also special conditions are still necessary to feel safe, making over themselves surgical manipulations on opening of abscesses and extraction of splinters because around there are a lot of persons interested to make the diagnosis and to hang a label.

And then the interested and competent support is necessary to move in the new direction and validly to make something to Catch Good luck For the Tail!

That all this took place actually, there is our " project; Life during the Era of Changes and in it - " club; Life of Star Ladies and " program; Winners On Life (and it not only for the Lady). We build projects and businesses from scratch, we create valuable information products, we experiment, we open the force. And from it it becomes better for the World.

You do not trust? Try.

However that it I? In our circle there is no habit to try . We just take and we do. And you will manage too, without any doubt!