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Karlovy Vary - the best medical resort of the Czech Republic

Not only beer the Czech Republic is known. The largest Czech resort of Karlovy Vary which was founded in the 14th century by the emperor Charles IV and is located in the picturesque valley surrounded with Krushny mountains at merge of two rivers - Are warm also Ogrzhe. In 1370 the city received privileges of the royal city, and at the end of the 16th century there were about 200 resort houses here. Now in Karlovy Vary to a surface there are 12 curative sources similar on a chemical composition, but having the different content of carbon dioxide and temperature, from 40 to 72 degrees Celsius.

Resort treatment has here very long, continuous and constantly developing tradition which glory was won by outstanding doctors. Treatment consists in a unique combination of drinking treatment on sources, bathtubs, applications and other procedures, active movement of vacationers and influence of environment of resorts. In addition the city is famous for the world famous industrial output - products from " brand crystal; Mozer elite " glass; Mottl Glas unique and original pink porcelain of " firm; Tong original karlovaosky wafers and elite medical cosmetics. Besides twelve main sources, the Czech edges can pkhvastatsya also by an extra public thirteenth source - the medical " liqueur; Bekherovka which can be tried at " plant; Yana Bekhera at the order of facultative excursion and it is possible to receive it absolutely free of charge, as a gift from our travel agency.

And you want to visit a part of France on the Czech earth? All this is possible when within round you visit that place - the lock Sikhrov whose formation is ranked as the beginning of the 15th century. Then neogothic style of a structure enjoyed special popularity. In the 19th century Sikhrov passes the lock French dynasties Roganov which for more than 150 - the t of years of possession, turned it in peculiar part of France on the Czech earth.

The middle of the 19th century was marked for Sikhrov by considerable changes in the plan of image. The lock was reconstructed in style of historical romanticism that affected its appearance only in plus option. The particular emphasis was placed on an interior decor of interiors of Sikhrov in which finishing the best French magicians were engaged. Works on arrangement of the lock were conducted throughout 40 - years.

The lock Sikhrov in quite interesting place, on border of three mountain chains - the Yizersky foothills, Podkrkonosha`s mountains and a mountain chain of Eshted is located.

In interiors the portrait gallery of a sort Roganov which contains about 240 works is brought together, and the lock, as usual, is full of secrets and legends. One of legends says about what lives in the lock mysterious black lady who periodically likes to play a trick on tourists.