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As I stopped playing game devices. How to stop gambling? As I stopped playing

in game devices?
Now I am completely free

from addiction of it a miracle - the mechanism. Article was written by me about one and a half years ago. Just I want to carry her to bigger number of readers that it could help bigger number of people. If it is required my personal to help - address personally. Always I will help. (free of charge).

If in process of your questions, are not clear, I will make new article on them. That you could throw this thing precisely.

I will tell one thing - it 100% are possible. And everything depends on you, and only on you. In your forces to stop playing right now. It is possible. I made it, I could make it. Also and you will be able to make

, I am the same person as well as you.

Also there is nothing to do of itself weak and worthless. It goes to you to the detriment. Be strong now. As I stopped playing

in game devices? I Write

for those who want to be exempted from addiction to game in a casino and in slot machine halls. Who wants to leave from hellish circle . I passed through it, more than 3,5 years I was in this state and in the same situation in which you are, maybe now. I am with you if you are ready to follow truth and happiness, finding of internal force, self-confidence!!

Is many methods, doctors, healers, psychologists who help people to throw this passion, passion, a bezbashenstvo, to restrain an ardor. But I consider that not all people use it, as well as, I however. From - for the fact that it is a shame, with what I so did. I wanted to cure everything incognito. This awful life I wanted to dig deeply that nobody knew about it that it did not emerge. I Was ashamed of it. I thought that I will be able to erase it from memory with a great effort, it is impossible, from definition shit Always emerges at the unnecessary moment, and it will pursue Me on life. Fight against itself does it incurable. I perfectly understood that desire to hide from people it which as I thought, influence my life: administration, family, friends... - that they can turn away from me, having learned from me that my life - is a casino! I was afraid to hear from them the most awful for me the word that I sick, scatter-brained that this illness is incurable what I was a fool (oh) that contacted you (s)...!!! I lied to myself, created illusions that so will not be, I will overcome myself and everything, I will not play, nobody learns, I will even brag then what played Earlier and threw how many in me forces and beliefs in the life was, what I well done!! But it only externally, is terrible the fact that I so with it also lived and with it could leave on a next world.

I will explain my point of view. During game, later, between breaks... I in the head had a rough activity, it is a lot of emotions, explosion of anger, a despair, disappointment, anger on owners of these institutions that they were damned. when a pay, game - game, I win, I will try still - still, I will prove that I am a lucky person, to myself, there is no harm in trying. I sang lullabies to myself the words he who risks nothing, gains nothing and in defiance knowing as I walked twice into a same water much - much, a huge number of times that I - - the Loser! I could not win!... It was impossible to me! How so why at someone it turns out, and at me - No?. I will try to the last kopek, I will leave with offense on life why so? What I was a fool, I passed through it, more than once. but it is fine, I began to be repaid: next time will carry, not in money happiness, and played further... My emotions which I constantly radiated came back to me to twins and as it is very unfortunate emotions, they come back, ruined my soul, dream, a body, love, reason... they destroyed me from within! And it proceeded even then when I stopped by effort of will to play further. What you will seed, you will reap - it hung in my Universe as heavy freight. I loaded It the life, and wanted just like that that it disappeared. For such thoughts, acts... they will always remind of themselves, you will not hide fire from eyes and not to hide it from heart.

My feelings during game to play to the maximum, to play at one rate (ruble for blow, 500 rubles for blow... as to me, from the sum the problem does not change), the main thing still - still here to stay, can to me still will carry, here and a bonus... oh, a little, probably, next time will give more... and money less and less. and they are absent! People who play and passed

through it, try to forget it as a bad dream, a black strip, devil life, and the most terrible that - nobody loves the lived this time!

When I was in a state long fight with devices - I considered myself as the futile person, unnecessary, worthless and different words fell on my soul - Emptiness of Time, the spent precious hours of life - Time - nothing. And the Wealth is Time when we feel happy. I considered myself as the Hermit among people! At me is not present or there was no will power to overcome itself! I had a will power to rush to the game hall, after a pay. But I was not ready to leave with the raised head from there after loss! As home there is nothing to bear, and the girl there loving who did not see gifts, flowers long ago... walls - new paints, a floor - a pure and new carpet, the refrigerator is empty and grows damp because that do not use it... I was not pleased by life, I was absorbed all life by that is where to take money! And I had them... and it is enough to be happy! Dice

A in a casino, I felt well, among the always so was - - comfortably! And that from time to time when money is and when they are absent - - me is a shame that I do not have them. I even humiliated myself there - - the fact that had no anything. Lost. Loser.

In this life the main thing of emotion, feeling, is created the most interesting here. So many differences of mood come, from euphoria of good luck... to deadly fatigue from all this. To me to spit on itself, on the feelings, emotions, on the relatives. I did not even think of what I hurt the relatives. And it... misfortune to me.

Ya, zhazhdav to buy some thing, did not buy it, I thought - I will better win more that at me remained still money... but there is a lot of - many times - - it did not occur and does not occur and will not occur!

It is possible to tell about it, but what for? much? I needed a tablet, I did not have it, our organism possesses fine properties to have in advance, even without being ill - - an elixir on any illness.

I had very strong desire to stop playing, once and for all, but as - I did not know, there was a strong fatigue from it, it is simple izmuchennot souls and bodies. Such unfortunate, gloomy, without laughter and fun, sad existence. And how to throw - any more did not know, it is simple to be forgotten to erase it in uncertainty, it was impossible to me. I began to look for an exit, it has to be - and on the forces - I did not count in general as I did not trust in the forces and belief any more, I became a rag, is closer to sexual. And what she can make - this mine was the deadlock.

I came in the ways of the Universe, to the center of positive psychology of A. Sviyash, in the beginning the book " got to me; smile, while the getting is good there passed time result zero, then other book how to live without excess experiences here it hooked on me, having learned that they have a website, came on it - saw that there are trainings - but I did not think of them at all, I saw at them the program which I thought to me will help ( Effect ) found money hardly, arrived to the Open Day, listened - again I do not even know why, inadequately somehow for me all this looked, bought and began to be engaged, came for training to Julie Swijasch Opening and here I began to find force about which I will tell further.

The first , I began to get rid of sense of shame for the actions. How I did it?

I began are proud of what I played! How many people want to play, but are afraid of it to do, and I am a Good fellow, I not only was not afraid I still the master in this case!

The second, I stopped Fight with myself, to hide something is useless - and it is not productive in general, it does not work. How I did it?

Ya was open and truthful with those people to whom it promised that I will throw, told them - that I possess fine traits of character: to become attached, it is loveful, to game devices, I so love them, to madness that at me the roof from it goes. So the love is meek to me from that party, it as with the woman. I was obviously rejected! And I so could not any more and did not want to live!

The third, the most interesting, is such law of life, very interesting and which works always, constantly! What I thought most of all of, was attracted in my life. Whom I love more about what I and about whom I speak more, think, was in my life!

I did not want to lose, I did not want to go there, I could not throw, I had no will power to throw, I was a loser, I was Nobody.... I attracted it in the life! That I wanted, it also was attracted! It is a lot of! Only all this did me unfortunate!

That I did not want - perfectly knew it!? - and I thought of it always!

After that I began to change the thoughts, to positive, to think that I WANT!! It was very heavy for me, to control the thoughts on good, it is easier to think that there is no wish - it is simple, so it is shown in life - and we know it. And here to think that at me there is a lot of money I am well off - it is horror for me, but there was no it as I can think of it how I can have a lot of money from the sky - if I do not play how?? I did not understand it as I had no patience to wait. Wanted all and at once.

And this the most important to think of what you want to have! I changed and I change the thoughts from a negative for a positive, always! I wrote that I did not want, on that, that I wanted and I want to have! Did and I do it always! As to do it and as it works it is written in many books.

The fourth , thinking that I am a Loser, obviously silly as... playing by someone`s rules, you will always lose! It is possible to win, having only bought a casino!

the Loser - is not the one who loses a lot of money and never wins them. This condition of disharmony with, misfortunes, depressions, the general condition of an organism! And it can be changed! How I tried to change it?

Began to think positively, read and I read books with positive thoughts, began to communicate with successful people, happy people. There is such property of the person, having worn some time some state - he imparts this state to an organism. You can change everything, than you are dissatisfied. If you want to be the humorist - easily, then you speak to yourself always - I am a humorist, do as humorists, read jokes, read small ridiculous rasskazik, you teach them, tell them, you go on concerts. And you will be other person whom you created and with whom you will be happy, and it is a way fortunately. And still very good thing - meditations. I will explain as I see them and I do, they help to be exempted from a negative, from shit which does not sink from a heap of the experiences, unnecessary not subject of your will, it at the level of emotions, feelings. when your body feels such sense of relief, pleasures when each your section is exempted from a negative, clips, on your body there pass such tremendous waves, whip this feeling an orgasm - is a nature of happiness! Love! Pleasures!

Ya used for this purpose, special music, from the center of positive psychology of A. Sviyash, it can be got there! It is not advertizing, is that works ! Also it is checked!

The fifth , I began to thank slowly the life for Everything! I am grateful to it, always! Thanked her for socks which I wore and I wear, for the handle which I write, for food which I ate and I eat, Nam Vse gives Life! To be able it is necessary to thank her for it! And then it will give still that you were even happier!

Is what I began to do, it became easier for me, I felt better, in me energy of a positive, desire to change itself arose, I read and I read books, listened to myself, looked for and I look for truth of the life that it became ideal, but I so it persistently did, pulled out from itself everything, top pockets, looked for minuses that them to patch, but alas is is nothing good did not bring, my interior began to resist and is very strong, I broke once again - also went to play again. After that curses how I could went to my head from themselves? I passed through it time 100 what it that I did not finish with this subject yet? Why I am unhappy? Why I eventually suffer and I suffer why I kill myself with it and I cripple what I am a moron, a goat . and in this spirit!

I I asked questions to myself: What now it is necessary to me and just now that I became happier, more cheerful that the laughter and a smile appeared on my lips that it is necessary for me for my happiness? I began to speak to myself further, I do not need not money, not the car, not material benefits, clothes now . I need to feel current a condition of happiness, peace of mind and pleasure now!

Happiness can be got, having chosen it - I choose happiness! I choose to be happy! I want to be happy! I want to be happy! I am worthy happiness! And before I chose - misfortune, suffering, a grief, poverty . And I had it in prosperity. Nam comes what we think of.

I choose to be happy here and now! It is simple to have human happiness! Pleasure at heart! Tranquility! To smile and laugh with all the heart! Happiness! It is with me - I choose it!

Life develops so that I wanted to have everything at once and easily - won - went bought. without having spent for that special efforts, but knowing from the previous experience, I would not win a skok, I lowered everything!

So there are about several reasons:

1. Not ability to wait, it is necessary to have patience if you something want truly, then it will surely be shown in a material world, t. e materializes. It to have tranquility and permanent intention!! Dreamily, - it is not in a material world, in a material world time is necessary - it is longer, but it will be, understand it!

2. I did not know what I wanted to Have?! Just I was not able to dream, did not know that I want to have that will be tomorrow - I did not know, there was no plan, the purposes, dreams - and it ruined my soul! A body I already killed, directly, problems were with skin big, with nerves etc.!

Ignorance that we want to have in this life, in the material plan, sincere. it results in disharmony to itself which at me was expressed by game devices - and at someone it in alcoholism, drug addiction to whom as.

Threw me as a ship into a storm, depressions, sufferings, a grief, misfortune. I was not able to move to one direction - did not know where and furthermore what for?

to decide on what I Want to have what my dreams, desires, the purposes? On it a lot of time left to understand it. This first necessary condition was for me rescue, I began to think what will make me happy now if I imagine that?? What do I want?? For example: Now will make me happy - if my health is healthy and vigorous! Will make me happy now - if I am cheerful and joyful! Will make me happy now - if I walk outdoors! Will make me happy now - if I have on the bank account, a decent sum of money!

Dream of what you want to have in the life! I dream every day from this point, I write down them in the present (I - happy! I - successful! I - healthy! I am financially independent person! At me 2 children! I travel more than 4 times a year!) Dare to dream, write down it on paper, re-read! Write them more than 60 pieces, your window (a family, the car, the house, work) will open - you will begin to see the world in a different way, and it is beautiful and mnogogranen. In it there is Everything! And still very good piece - it will be imagination and motivation, make to yourself an album of dreams, you paste in them pictures where you would like to visit that rezanut you at the sight of something. also you look at them more often). You can make on the computer, create the folder of dreams - as many beautiful and picturesque pictures it is possible to find in the Internet!

Having written down dreams, wonder what you need to do that your dreams came true earlier?! Also do It, slowly, and it will appear in action that needs to be done, it will come, wait!

Write yourself such dream, very big which you will never forget of which you will think - heavy to achieve it, it is incredibly heavy! Think up, it is direct now! I began to understand now that problems are such thing that it just blocks my dreams, and I begin to solve them, and I forget about the dreams, and the dream is a condition of that happiness whom I want to have! You have to have very big dream if you have a problem - think only of the dream! And the problem itself to be resolved the best in the way!

That to remember it how it looks: the problem came to you, and tries to close your dream you imagine in it the moment such picture

the Problem - with - DREAM and look only at dream!

You can ask the only, practical question How to make so that the problem did not repeat any more?

Desire which carried me in a casino - it was a dissatisfaction with!

Ya began to rejoice to himself, I am pleasant to myself, I love myself, I am beautiful, I am clever Began to lift the self-assessment and now I raise it, began to look for a core what it is possible to fasten it on! As it was not! I such what I am! Why itself to torment with those things from which current a gnash in teeth! To please ourselves - to see in ourselves only good and fine, to develop the strengths, it does me more self-assured and happy, and weaknesses to be tightened, it is simple when we think of good - it to become more. And thinking about weak is to become weaker.

Begin to rejoice to yourself, every day to yourself repeat I am pleasant to myself! I love myself! I am beautiful! I am the best person on light! There are no people on light more cleverly and more successful me! And I do it! And it well helps!

I still very important thought which helped me and can help You, this ability to love the family is a guarantee of happiness, it is the base, and it should be stored, cherished,

to rejoice to it, to love, to help it all fine, it is simply sincere to love.

I can tell with pride and thank the Universe that it gave me this experience - passion!

It gave me huge knowledge and experience, in psychology and in medicine, friends, mentors on life, changed my idea of life; for my life, a game addiction, - it was the biggest contribution of the Universe to my life!

I woke up, I was in drowsiness before that happened to me - just a heat is unknown where and why! I did not think of sense of the life, I did not think about great that I can make, I did not think of the future, I did not think of the present! I considered myself as nobody! Simply living being, work and once again work. to be as all!

My life appears now in action for which I waited! And I act! And it is fine! To be oneself, be the author of the life!