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Territory of casual genres Eternal search

If to analyse genres pass games, then in a genre I look for the share of games in which in the center of a plot there is not the main hero, but the main character will be hardly, not the biggest. And to it there is a trivial reason. Men usually give preference to arcadian games, and the most important problem of a popular genre of casual entertainments under the name I look for is as it is not difficult to guess not that another as the laborious and measured process of search more considerably attracting a fine half of society.

And search in its most prosy sense, and actually - an otyskivaniye of things on a game background of locations (game levels). Nevertheless it does not mean that this look is elementary - absolutely on the contrary, ability of creators in masking of required details, often makes the games relating to it unimaginably difficult. However saving " button; hint being indispensable attribute of this kind of casual games it is eternally ready to come to support at the time of serious complications with stay process. More definitely not absolutely always - in one variations of the games hint some time after each act of its use is recharged, and in others - it it is possible to use only limited number of times on each location, and it is possible to receive bonus hints from time to time by means of search of additional conditional objects (expensive stones, figures etc.) .

Game mechanism of " games; I look for originates from puzzles of the " type; find ten objects or find 10 differences (between two pictures), published in newspapers and magazines. But here only great opportunities for virtual reality specifically expanded its variety.

First, the share of required things can disappear not on the game field - locations, and in the built-in mini-locations (cases, chests and similar).

Secondly, search, is more right game tasks, often meet very much even diverse. That is, depending on a location of searching of objects it is made according to their names or outlines. Of course it happens that it is necessary to look for related objects (the weapon, bottles) or, already noted, distinctions between two similar pictures. It is possible to lead to more non-standard types of search as search of objects of riddles and search of objects in the dark. In the latter case only the small round area around the moving cursor is highlighted.

Thirdly, casual " games; search of the objects are usually supplemented with various mini-games (both puzzles, and arcades), integrated directly into the main locations of game. However, the minigames which are found, however, in breaks between locations were inherent also for the classical version of a genre search of the objects . Without such gameplays immense process of an otyskivaniye likely would seem to players immoderately tiresome.

And the last, casual versions of the subject I look for are almost always supplemented kvestovy tasks for interaction of objects and objects of the game field of a location the friend with a druzhka that permits to speak about formation of a genre I look for in a hybrid look I look for + a quest . And that is not surprising, full quests (without genre elements I look for ) in the industry of casual games, meet quite infrequently, exactly thanks to big popularity in this format of a genre I look for .

Category " location; search of the objects can have several game tasks, meets that the episode of a toy looks as a little (more often two-three) adjacent locations, a number of game instructions which, can have, to be crossed. For some games of the stated subject limitation of time which is released on overcoming of locations or even the short moments in game is inherent. In other versions the player can make a choice (at start of game process) between the mode with restriction and the mode without restriction of time. Happens that restriction of time for passings of locations in game is not put at all.

Idle time (in a form, but not according to contents) the game mechanism - not the only thing that attracts the weaker sex to a genre I look for ( I look for + a quest ) . Casual appendices from this genre are traditionally fed with the original and carefully developed plot sometimes containing many sudden turns causing frequent change scenery . Classical option in genres I look for the detective plot - game Vital bonds is, however in practice everything is much more variously. The imagination of creators of game can send you to archeological excavations or to an underwater kingdom, to the mysterious states or the magic kingdom, to the forgotten island - the game Survive or to the remote past (Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire). Generally, anywhere!

Formation of the subject I look for (and I look for + a quest ) hardly complete can think. Three-dimensional games of this genre, and even genre hybrids " were published the last time; search of the objects with the most unexpected categories ( I look for + the business simulator, I look for + step-by-step strategy ). It is thought, a genre I look for it is so many-sided that actually neskonchay, as well as inherent in the person the eternal search which is its cornerstone!