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Friendship between the man and the woman - the myth or reality? Whether

Exist friendship between the man and the woman or it is the hidden sympathy which will develop into love or, at least, the sexual relations sooner or later?

Strangely enough, but the majority consider that people of an opposite sex cannot be on friendly terms, just to be friends. And if such cases, then they or the former lovers meet, or this friendship is favorable to one of them (for example, the man is in love with the girlfriend and is on friendly terms with it to be closer as secretly hopes that over time they will become more, than friends; or the man rich and influential, and the woman by means of friendship uses his power).

But me it seems that is so considered only by narrow people. Really between the man and the woman can arise (and it is obliged to arise surely!!!) only sexual inclination. Something like that the opinion smells slightly freydizm !

First of all all of us are persons, the educated, comprehensively developed and interesting people, and already in the second - men and women. And can interest in the person a lot of things. And sexuality obviously not on the first place in this list.

Of course if the person is limited, it is not educated, is not interesting, boring then and to interest other person he has nothing. Such people can interest and hold people of an opposite sex only by means of the sexual relations. I feel sincerely sorry for similar people.

There are many subjects which girls discuss with girlfriends. But girlfriends often envy, and here the man - to the friend can tell a lot of things, he will not begin you to envy, you have nothing to divide, he can give a piece of good advice. And the man`s opinion is often just necessary (for example, at the choice of a gift for darling).

Of course, your soulmate will see the rival in your friend. But if your darling is adequate, then will understand your relations. And perhaps will even make friends with your friend.

Nobody argues that is good when darling not only the lover, but also the friend. But between you all the same there are intimate relations.

And the friend is absolutely another! Perhaps, you should not limit the life to one person. In life of everyone there has to be a soulmate, the friend the girlfriend and friends. Then life will become brighter and more interesting.