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How to fight against failures?

Hi, friends.

The unachieved purposes very strongly spoil mood and lower motivation. Using the external help, in the form of motivational speeches of leaders at seminars or readings literature can solve a problem only temporarily. It will work as a soap bubble, the more such artificial motivation and pleasure, the more it becomes and the stronger will burst.

It is much better to apply internal sources of motivation , most often it is motivation from below which goes from the received results.

How to make it? - you ask, - if results do not come, and all as if is bad.

Learn to see things from a different angle. Some sailing ships are capable to float nearly against wind, it is possible to shift it and to the emotions.

Planned to connect in business of the new partner - it did not turn out. Planned to increase commodity turnover by 50% - too did not leave. The objectives are not achieved, it seems, everything badly and it is impossible to do anything since these things depend not only on you, and it is impossible to influence other people directly.

But it is possible to influence itself.

To operate the level of motivation independently, but not to give in to external influences:

I advise to divide all purposes on primary and secondary. Primary - what you influence directly and which depend only on you, secondary - those which achievement depends also on external sources.

For the first five months of work in network marketing I could not connect any partner and if looked only at it, it is unknown that would be now. But these gave 5 months me the chance to achieve other results. I learned to advance the website on the Internet (various ways of advertizing), learned to write articles and to have the blog, learned to remove video clips and to process them, learned to create additional sources of the income. Gradually, while I concentrated on own development, I learned to connect partners also. All this time me was fed by other micropurposes which I realized.

Do not go in cycles in things which are not subject to you. Put what you can affect the first place, and already then all the rest will come: to connect the partner or to increase commodity turnover is again, and to here distribute 50 business cards or to provide 4 trainings for partners is much more important purpose.

Place accents correctly and the success will come.