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From where the condom undertook?

Historians claim that the first condom was leather, and the Pharaoh Tutankhamun carried it. It is possible to be convinced of it, having visited the National museum in Cairo. Then bull bubbles and a sheep blind gut were put to use.

Moreover, recently it became clear that also ancient Romans used condoms. Archeologists found in one of antique temples the yellowish, a little rough, closed since one end cylinders. But long time scientists did not know that it no other than the Roman condoms. Researchers at first suggested that strange products - something like ritual glasses. The matter is that they were made of pitch - the only available then flexible substance. Pitch was processed by special structure which created consolidation on a surface that pitch did not stick to male and female genitals. Over time pitch hardened, and it misled researchers. However the latest analysis with use of revolutionary technologies showed existence of spermatozoa in walls of glasses. They were found very little, by only two - three on a glass, but use of the scanning properties of technology allowed to define and record exact places of their location unambiguously. Obviously, spermatozoa got into pitch micropores.

The requirement to use a condom not as a contraceptive, and as protection against bad diseases ripened in Europe in the 15th century. The matter is that in 1493 Columbus with the crew brought not only gold and jewelry, but also a mysterious illness which was christened right there gift of the New World and revenge of natives . Actually it was syphilis. Seamen and soldiers became his messengers. With a wildfire speed syphilis extended across all Europe and India to China. Epidemic did not spare anybody.

In 1564 when practically all polovozrely population of Italy suffered from revenges of natives the outstanding doctor and the anatomist Gabriel Fallopy suggested to use a linen sack for protection from this vile illness. The sack was offered to be impregnated with medicines and inorganic salts. In the book De marble dallico Fallopy insistently advised to use at sexual contact this linen sack which, in his opinion, had to protect voluptuaries from venereal diseases. Whether really the sack impregnated with various liquids protected from infections, there is no mention. However this sack gave start to further development of much-needed objects of intimate property.

Still it was not succeeded to establish a word " origin precisely; condom . One consider that it came from Latin condus which in an accusative case sounds condum, others - from a surname of the English doctor Kondoma, the court doctor English king Charles II (1630 - I685). The king ordered to the doctor to think up something for protection against syphilis. The doctor suggested to use the oiled caps from sheep guts. The invention of the doctor was necessary to the yard, and soon all aristocracy used these contraceptives and protection against love illnesses. However, they were used several times therefore diseases continued to extend. But illegitimate children began to be born less.

Over time the linen sack for the special purposes and special people turned into a product for all and everyone. Mass production began with 20 - x of our century. The boom in its use began with the middle 80 - x and proceeds to this day that clear, AIDS, as they say, does not sleep. In our country the condom long time was bashfully called product No. 2 . The Soviet condom dated the thirtieth years was much thicker than modern samples. Then there was a modern latex - thin, but rather strong material for as which raw materials serves hevea juice - a rubber tree. For small term the product underwent the mass of changes. Length of a modern condom in the rolled state reaches 18 cm. Firms - producers took care also of greasing. For the women who are afraid to become pregnant at the wrong time produce models with additional protection - processed by the spermitsidny covering containing nonoksinol - 9.

Condoms exist along with other contraceptives and are issued in various execution: flavored, multi-colored, pimply or relief, with greasing or without, from sheep guts, latex, polyurethane. Good condoms have an expiration date till five years. They are checked for quality a set of ways. As well as other contraceptives, condoms do not give 100% of protection though at the correct application their efficiency is rather high.

Besides, the condom is one of objects in a set for a survival. If to place it in a sock or a sleeve of a shirt, in it it is possible to carry water. However water needs to be filled in slowly, then it can include about one and a half liters; at the same time it stretches in length up to 30 centimeters. The condom can be used as the waterproof container for small and the average size of objects which need to be protected from moisture. It is possible to make a slingshot of two condoms. It is necessary to apply cheap condoms to these purposes: thick and without greasing. Generally, the condom is very useful and multipurpose product.