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How to bring up the healthy kid.

Sometimes behind aspiration to feed the baby we do not want to see the main thing - with what we feed him. And the most important problem of food the child - to present to an organism energy and construction material for growth in the form of amino acids, minerals, vitamins.

WHO offers the small list of the best and useful products to children`s health. First there are cereals (porridges), vegetables and fruit (local), further - animal protein (meat. egg), dairy products, berries, vegetable and animal oils, root crops, water and at the end of the list bean. But even these simple recipes need interpretation.

If to speak about cereals, it is necessary to understand wholegrain porridges (buckwheat, millet, yachnevy, rice, oat). Low nutritional value of a semolina, and also quick-cooking cereals with fragrances do not need proofs. In their structure there is a lot of sugar and others, superfluous to the child of fillers.

You want that your peanut had normal hemoglobin? Give it fresh greens. Parsley, fennel, cilantro, a celery, onions contain the magnesium having the molecular structure identical to a hemoglobin molecule. Among fruit apricots are of the greatest nutritional value (including. Dried - dried apricots), apples, sweet cherry, cherry (in the period of a season), plum (in moderate quantity). You should not forget that vegetables and fruit should be washed carefully (and bananas too, their peel is exposed to contact with rats in a storage time in ports): (not local) - to clean apples and pears from a peel. A problem of food of the baby - not to fill a stomach, and to feed an organism. And this or that product should be considered, proceeding from it mineralno - vitaminno - belkovo - uglevodno - fatty value.

For example why to the peanut at least 2 times a week make recommendations to use fish? Not because yesterday he ate sausages or sausage, and not for what fish appetizing and her it is easy to prepare. But only for the fact that it contains digestible protein and important fatty acids the Omega - 3 and the Omega - 6 the updating and work of a brain correcting conductivity of nervous impulses, normalizing which have preventive effect on warmly - vascular system. And it means that at your child memory, attention, processes of thinking will absolutely develop, progress at school will increase.

Do not leave the child without sweet and do not apply sweeteners. In reasonable quantities give it home-made jam, honey (if there is no allergy), condensed milk, caramels (the more simply and the cheapest way, the it is less in them preservatives, dyes and fragrances) will not do harm to health, and pleasures will add. The main thing, you remember that it is not the main food, but a delicacy after necessary amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals. If you dream to keep and increase health of the peanut, do not feed him with the heavy, dangerous, not bringing benefit food. Consult with your attending physician, and he, having objectively estimated a state of health of the kid, will advise you optimum vitaminno - mineral complexes.

Industry sedentary entertainments arrests our boys and girls to sofa to charging, forming the list everything new and new diagnoses in a medical record, since short-sightedness and a curvature of a backbone day after day, finishing with anemia and problems with digestion and excess weight.