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Several words about decisions and terms of

Being engaged in personal growth, I, as well as many advanced people, very quickly I make decisions and I report terms of implementation of my promise or achievement of the purpose. If I am not ready to make the decision at once, then I make the decision on time - I report, how much time you need for me to make the decision.

Absurdity? Yes how many! Uncertainty and misunderstanding, and then perhaps offense or an otmorozhennost - I do not make the worst that I can give to the person the decision yet, thereby, braking myself in development.

The matter is that so far the person does not make the decision, he is in a state when it is not necessary to pay the price, the price is paid for any decision. However he does not notice that he pays the most important in his life, he pays in time. And then very cunning ustanovochka at the person - " appears; then or later !

But when then? When You decide to present to darling a gift? Then or now? When you decide to earn more? Then or now? When you decide to be successful? Then or now?

Simple questions which many answer: Now! . However on different offers in the life do not make the decision right now. There is also an absurdity. It is impossible to postpone in the life the destiny indefinitely, once life will force to make the decision and the price for it will be corresponding.

The Most deep changes - and in human soul, and in life of society - happen in very short time. During that instant when we least of all expect it, life throws down us a challenge to check our courage and our desire of changes; also does not allow to pretend as if nothing occurs, or to plead the fact that we are not ready yet. It is necessary to answer a call immediately. Life does not look back. Week is term more than sufficient to solve, we accept the destiny or not

Also it is possible to admire indefinitely such quotes, however for many they and will remain words. Because it is sometimes better to admire other or another, than to make so that admired you: by your force, confidence, strong-willed qualities.

Finally to several you recommendations:

1. Make decisions at once and tell it to the one who expects it;

2. If you feel that you have things where you did not make the decision, then right now decide on term, what is the time You will need on acceptance the decision and tell the one who expects your decision;

3. If you already made the decision, then tell the one who expects from you the decision.

4. If you reported about the made decision, then report, what is the time it will be required for achievement of result, to the one who expects your result.