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How to hammer together the capital on balloons?

the Idea to earn from the balloons filled with helium is not new, but is almost completely forgotten. The market is free, and at skillful conducting business it is possible to make very good money almost from air, to be exact - from helium.

For a start it is necessary to buy balls - in children`s shops, the central shops in department of children`s toys. Cylinders with the compressed helium (10 - 40 liters) will be necessary. They can be bought in hardware stores and firms, trading accessories, the equipment for welding.

Your expenses

the Average price of a cylinder with the compressed helium of $35-47, he will drop down approximately for 500 balls. Let`s take the average cost of a cylinder - $41 and we calculate prime cost of costs of gas of one ball: 41:500 = $

the Average cost of a ball - $0,15. We summarize costs of one ball filled with helium: 0,0082 +0,15$ =0,232.


It is unconditional, will hardly allow to keep a cylinder in open points to fill balls, without departing from cash desk . It is possible to rent one-room apartment, the room, the private house near the outlet, where to hold a cylinder and already ready average stock ready balls per day; if something happens in several minutes it is possible to prepare new party. If there is a car - it is possible to carry and leave in it a cylinder of the small size - on 10 l. It is desirable to work on two: one - the seller, the second - the courier: to expose in a small outlet for time more than 15 - 20 balls not really conveniently; in process of a raskupaniye of goods it is better to bring new parties. Besides, in this case additional advertizing is created.

It is very important to b to know a secret of successful sale of balls that the vast majority of your potential buyers with pleasure would buy a ball for themselves to decorate the apartment, as a gift to darlings, familiar, first of all - to children. But will not make it from - for constraint: How I home will incur it? For a string? On the road all will look only at me, to look back, to crack jokes That is, on a counter surely there has to be a poster with a noticeable inscription, for example: We pack Balls! . In parallel with balls also packages will be well on sale.

Your profit...

... it depends on popularity of the market, vivacity of the area, advertizing, wholesale (for various celebrations) or retail trade, holidays, well and the prices, of course. The average margin on a ball can be - 100% of expenses (plus / minus). On holidays it is possible to realize several times more, than usually, quantity of balls with a margin of 200 and more percent.