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How to become the millionaire from scratch?

How to become the millionaire from scratch?

For concept, how to become the millionaire from scratch , it is necessary to understand.

Who such millionaire and that grants to him such right to be called. Having defined who is such, a final point of coordinates where we move, our purpose will be - how to become the millionaire from scratch , we will achieve these objectives.

It is impossible to hit the nail of B, without knowing from where we go and where we want to come.

We have,

the Millionaire - the person whose capital exceeds 1 - N one million US dollars, euro, pounds sterling or any similar currency.

Purpose: how to become the millionaire from scratch.

From where we go, in a purse five rubles. Perfectly the system of coordinates is set. We can begin our movement to our purpose!

In many countries of the world the status and prestige of the personality directly is associated with the million capital, from - for it many set to themselves achievement of richness of such size as the purpose of life.

The status of the millionaire is not so exclusive today as it was once, and terms multi - the millionaire and the billionaire designating the highest level of individual wealth became current. For example, all Famous billionaire Roman Abramovich.

By the way, this person - I saw in live. in 10 meters from me. At the former work in Moscow.

The increased number of millionaires generally is explained by inflation: now the majority of currencies possess significantly smaller purchasing power, than, for example, in the 19th century.

So, go on a meeting of the purpose, How to become the millionaire from scratch! we Will take

for example, lists of the richest people on the planet.

the List of billionaires (2009)

the List of people whose condition exceeds 1 billion dollars by results of 2008 according to the Forbes magazine (The World’s Richest People 2009).

The number of billionaires in 2008 decreased since 1125 to 793 people. From them new faces - 38.

Average condition of 3 billion dollars. The general state decreased in a year by 23%. The majority was reduced by the capitals, however 44 it was succeeded to grow rich. For example, the mathematician James Saymons increased the capital by 80% for this year.

Bill Gates lost 18 billion dollars, but returned a title of the richest person in the world.

Warren Baffe , last year in No. 1, lost 25 billion dollars.

The Mexican telecommunication titan Carlos Slim Helu keeps the place in the three, but lost 25 billion dollars.

One secret of millionaires:

Dream about great

the Third secret of millionaires, it is easy for understanding dream of great!

Allow themselves to dream. Allow themselves to dream in thoughts of that life which would like to live. As it is possible more accurately and more particularly.

Think of that how many money to you would be desirable to earn and have on the bank account.

All great men and women began the growth with dream of something big and completely different from what they have today. If you want that your dreams were executed - dream of them. To the big ship big swimming.

We become what we think of. Imagine

and present that there are no restrictions and fears for the one whom you can become what to have or what to be engaged in life in. For one short instant imagine that you have everything to achieve the objectives. Money, time, communications, health, forces and other, anybody to you not a barrier.

Practice here it here in the way “ flight in the future “. Carry away yourself in thoughts for 5 years ahead. Present that 5 years passed and that your life is ideal in every respect now. As it looks that you do where you work how many money you earn with whom you live as you spend time that you like to do and do.

Create the picture of the dream, in the form of an album, in a box, on a wall, everything that you want to reach in the life - a dream collage.

I think and dreaming about great, you approach financial freedom and to become millionaires! So life of true millionaires begins.

I checked, do not believe that you cannot reach something... Know 100% that any purpose is achievable, any, is unimportant what. Everything can be reached, take the first step. 1000 miles begin with the first step.