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To cram or understand? How to learn to speak in English? Whether

It is possible to learn something without cramming? Since the childhood more than once we had to hear - the main thing not to jag by heart, and to understand what it is told in the text of the textbook or in the speech of the teacher about, and then all by itself will be remembered. But - to hear one business, and another - to follow this simple and really working rule.

Whether you had to reflect what knowledge which is gained by the pupil, only intending to understand up to the end something, are so strong, as well as those which pupils try to remember? Perhaps even the first are stronger than the last, remembered.

Received by it by knowledge can treat any area - from housekeeping to astrophysics. Of course, and English is included into this list. That is, even English can be learned without cramming - to understand rather only extremely clearly what to be told at a lesson, in the text about what the interlocutor speaks about. The key to success to ingenious is simple.

By what misunderstanding is dangerous?

Of course, false modesty here not the friend. Also it agrees - the understanding kivaniye where words of the neighbor in a school desk or the teacher remained misunderstood, will not bring to good. But openness and readiness to specify any badly caught word - this the excellent, working for 100% recipe.

Sometimes even it becomes surprising how it is possible to pass what is insufficiently clear. However the mankind still lives in myths and legends. Some arose thousands years ago, some are cultivated by mass media within the last decades. Result - people are often ready to agree even with the strangest arguments and to be reconciled with not clearest information, inexplicably completing or dosochiny what was not clear understoodly or heard.

By the way, roots of gossips and rumors grow from here. Information is distorted at perception and transfer, and the more links in a chain, the it is less reliable in what is reported.

How to achieve understanding?

But rumors rumors, and we will return to problems of training in English. It turns out, thousands study English, and everyone translates the thoughts inexact compliances from foreign, then in addition exchanges this loose translation with other same colleague. It is surprising how people in general are capable to understand after that each other!

How to fight with such not scrupulousness concerning that material which is given on occupation?

- to present the easiest way that everything that understands today on occupation, it will be necessary to transfer illiterate to friends and relatives, - it will be necessary to teach them, or to report on occupation. Then the perceived information becomes more valuable, and each word which is not sorted up to the end or the offer demands a stop and deeper understanding.

An example from life

one student had problems with development of material of standard lessons of English. Not really well catching as words are read, he thought out the ways of reading of the English words all the time. At the same time, working with the neighbor in a school desk, he heard the correct reading of these words more than once and was surprised to them as new.

Of course, expansion of a lexicon could not go such way, and then the brother of the student asked to tell it about last class in English every evening. Having received couple of questions of reading and word meaning, the student himself also began to ask again the teacher when something remained for him misunderstood.

Result - examination on a result of level was passed for 80 points from 100.

The best decision

But, of course, the best decision - to accustom itself to verification of information on quality . If we want to eat is balanced and to wear clothes from natural fabrics, so why information which we remember or we consider has to be second-grade ? Any information to which the person trusts has to be extremely clear, and exact. Selecting what is clear, and specifying that it seems not clear, it is possible to achieve surprising results in training. And in a case with English a reliable source - the teacher or the dictionary - not has to be so far that the desire to specify or learn something was gone, without having managed to bring joy!

All want to study!

It is no secret that the information need, in knowledge and abilities at the person is developed so strongly, how developed need for food and a shelter. One and all like to learn new, to study and impart the knowledge.

Only at someone thanks to happy combination of circumstances this requirement was supported with the qualitative, checked and clear information. And therefore everything that was learned by the pupil or the student, was clear to it and pleased him.

And to someone the unchecked, unclear and low-quality information which only is confusing and which is beating off any hunting to learn something got. Inability to check it and to do suitable for processing and storing generated also one more myth - that there are people incapable of training.

The correct English

But to one and all children is pleasant to learn new words of the language, and it shows that it is pleasant to be trained in all. And it is pleasant in the native language - means, it is pleasant also in foreign, it is necessary only to be able to find the correct approach to studying of language.

Such correct approach of training in English many years are used on an English course in Applied Education. Register in a free fact-finding lesson, and you will see that studying of English - not an obstacle, but a reason for growth!