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What to do if the kid has temperature?

As a matter of fact and why in general body temperature increases? The situation is so: at hit in an organism of viruses and pathogenic bacteria immune cages begin active fight, at the same time throwing out in blood special substances - pyrogenes, thereby giving an organism a signal of need help .

In response to this peculiar SOS the organism increases body temperature, starting protective mechanisms which in a usual state are inactive in work. And when indications of the thermometer read off scale for 38C º the need of body tissues for nutrients and oxygen considerably increases that increases load of heart and lungs, not to mention the depressing physical state. Especially if business concerns the small child. to Bring down or not to bring down


the correct answer is obvious to

In this question - to force down temperature or it is possible to appoint any drug treatment only from approval of the doctor. In - the first, reception of any febrifugal preparations can complicate statement of the diagnosis. In - the second as it was already told earlier, slight increase of temperature - it is natural protection of an organism against virus attack, and forcing down it, you, thereby, deprive of the child of this protection. And in - the third, at small children the system of thermal control of an organism is up to the end not created and temperature can for no reason whatever to walk in the range from 36,6 to 37,5C º - means, it not always speaks about a disease.

As is correct to take temperature?

Modern electronic thermometers for the child it is much more convenient and safer than

, than mercury (by the way, in the countries of Europe mercury thermometers are forbidden to sale). They are rather exact and yield result in several seconds. There are also infrared thermometers which take temperature within several seconds at a present to an ear. There are flexible heat indicators - they are issued in the form of color stickers or in the form of thin strips which need to be put for several seconds to the child`s forehead. It is very convenient to use such thermometers if the kid is capricious. But their minus is that they are insufficiently exact: for example, many flexible heat indicators have even no scale - they can show only approximate figures - 37, 38, 39 etc.

What can be made before arrival of the doctor?

the Most known folk remedy against high temperature is crimson tea. Raspberry really good febrifugal, but is better to use not tea with jam, and broth of crimson leaves as jam contains more sugar, than useful substances. Still it is possible to give to the kid cowberry or cranberry drink, broth of hips or flowers of a linden. And to eliminate discomfort at fever, it is good to use the cooling compresses or special gel plasters.

the Plaster from temperature - in what counter ?

needs to be noted at once what the plasters sold in drugstores from temperature (EXTRAPLAST) is not a febrifugal preparation, forcing down temperature, and rather supportive application which will help the kid easier to transfer an illness and to eliminate discomfort. It represents a thin strip with a gel layer which is glued on the child`s forehead. Gel contains natural essential oils - menthol, lavender and eucalyptus. Menthol oil at contact with skin causes the cooling effect which, thanks to a gel basis, lasts about 6 hours, and oils of a lavender and an eucalyptus help to calm nervous system, to remove spasms of muscles and to facilitate the general condition of the kid at fever.

Advantage of plasters of EXTRAPLAST is that they do not contain medicinal components (only natural essential oils) therefore have no contraindications and do not cause side effects. It does possible their application at the first symptoms of a disease, for example, to facilitate a condition of the kid waiting for the doctor - plasters are absolutely safe and will not affect reliability of a clinical picture at statement of the diagnosis in any way. Besides, they are compatible to all medicines therefore they can be used at complex therapy for simplification of a course of disease.

It is possible to apply such plasters to the child of any age, however if he is younger 2 - x years, then it is better to consult with the doctor. But anyway it is desirable at first to try to use a plaster on a small site of skin to be convinced that the kid has no allergy to the essential oils which are a part of gel.