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Dirt - the place for falling by the person or a mask from SPA - salon?

Dirt - the place for falling by the person or a mask from SPA - salon? The answer to this question to us, I think, girls best of all will be able to give. Why they? Yes because the female, owing to the impunity in society, at a rupture of the relations begins to roll up more often public hysterics as if, the more people it will appear in witnesses of their warm drama, the quicker the guy will decide not to leave them.

Feel sorry for people around of these girls and calm in the various ways... Even it becomes easier for our sufferers, and at last they risk to be put directly to the offender with the same hysterics, but already beaten on wide audience. But here fiasco... Instead of understanding by the guy of his own fault the kick follows... Villain! It should spoil rather mood that too did not rejoice. Thus, hurrah, the new purpose in life is found: to turn its existence into hell the infinite calls and moaning to his friends with what cattle they communicate. Poor thing guy... Gradually he already begins to damn himself that in general in due time contacted you... Take pity on it!

And in general, let`s imagine absolutely other situation. Now you Ms. - popularity also decided to leave the guy who bothered to you. He begs you to remain, endlessly calls under any pretexts (including we now friends ) plaintively whines and wags a tail at your fine legs and does not want to understand in any way that everything is over... How to you picture?. Appetizingly?

And now other image: you threw it, and it somehow quietly reacted. Does not call you (and it is not clear: out of pride or to it in principle all the same). From the general friends constantly you learn about its vigorous activity in different areas... and sometimes and girls. In addition at personal meetings he so lovely talks to you... Speaking female language: lassie! And to start over again meeting it, likely, nevertheless it is possible.

Here, dear misters jurors on whom it is necessary to equal.

So God forbid, of course, to you to get to you into such situation (I spit 3 times through both shoulders), but if nevertheless it happened: slezk and a depression only at the closest, and for people around (and especially yours villain ) any despondency and lostness: brightness, sexuality, activity, activity and smile.

And if it is not possible to hide grief at all, convince yourself that after a black strip always follows white (but not a tail and a bottom as of a joke about zebras). Sincerely believe that literally behind that turn you are waited by huge happiness. It is only necessary to do not stand still, hollowing the unfortunate guy and not to put the handle, thinking about what you unlucky and hapless, and (or at least on all fours) to reach by sure gait this light stage of a course of life.

Result: you want to increase chances, to return beloved, or at least to save face and to be happy? Napravtevsyu the energy of pain on creation of the updated, successful, attractive image. Do not creep in dirt...

Good luck to you and big mutual love. :)