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Psychology of the relations, view of people positively

Positive thinking - a key fortunately!

Quite often we face a problem of the relations with other people, be - that our relatives, friends or acquaintances.

How to support itself in good mood when are heated by time of passion?

How to clean offense, rage, rage, irritation and to feel pleasure, rest, a pacification?

The first person who comes to mind, being engaged in this question is Louise Hay, the author of 15 best-sellers. She helped thousands of people to believe in the forces and to get rid of painful diseases. Louise Hay`s works are transferred to 23 languages and published in 30 countries of the world.

It, in the book How to cure the life gives advice how to replace such destructive feelings as offense with approval and understanding. About this author it will be talked in the following publications.

On pages of its works you will be able to find concrete examples and exercises which will help you to get rid of negative emotions, to believe in yourself, to change the relation to the past whatever it was and will learn to enjoy life!

In this article the speech how to look at people who surround us, from the positive point of view will go.

When it seems to you that someone offends you, costs just will try to calm down and not to set destructive feelings in motion. Once you understand, Louise Hay wrote: Your reason - the tool which can be used this way and that. It always at your service .

Calm down and begin to think positively. For example, if it is your family member or the close relative with whom you together throughout all the life, then let so far now this person speaks or does what is not pleasant to you. However, I am sure that you will be able to find a set, the vast majority, positive and kind things, the moments, cases with this person is considerable. Let your consciousness to be filled with them at this moment. Feel how many good and kind this person made to you (and probably, continues to do and now). Understand that the current situation is nothing in comparison with what is in your relations. Maybe it is worth missing this moment, to level this situation? Of course, nobody you urges to be too soft . It is necessary to be able to assert the rights, but only where it is worth it.

Having thought over at itself in the head a set of the positive moments, and having returned to the current situation, you will be able to look at it other eyes: with a smile in soul, with a smile on lips, in a quiet and balanced state. In such state, you will be able to make the worthy decision in developed situations. And, I am sure, the relation, you will be able even sometimes to give the positive spirit to the interlocutor that will allow you quicker and with smaller efforts to reach compromise in this situation.

In soul you will have a question:

- Well unless this trifle for us is so significant what we cannot reach compromise?

And if this situation concerns not such close people how the family? How to find a positive in a difficult, at the moment, situation with the companion or the colleague?

If, for example, you, connects with this person little and it was not succeeded to find any former pleasant moments from life, just assess this situation positively. Let`s allow - as a lesson or training of your qualities, in so difficult life situation. Just think: It is excellent that I will be able and I will learn to treat such situations quietly. In a stressful situation I will behave quietly. And each time I will be surer and surer!

It is possible to give the mass of examples, and it is all the same possible to find something good in each of them. Finding the positive moments, even in such situations you will feel happy and sure!

In everything look for a positive! I wish you Success!

G. Simonov