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The best skating rinks of the world.

Skating - the most beloved winter entertainment. With cold weather approach the world capitals and sleepy towns give the central squares, the rivers and lakes for big public skating rinks.

Montenegro, national park Durmitor

National park Durmitor created in 1952, Durmitor, canyons of the rivers Tara, Sushitsa and the Drag, and also the top part of a plateau of Komarnits includes a massif. It is entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. There is a city of Zhablyak, and near it - the Black lake, one of 18 glacial reservoirs of national park. Surprisingly, but only a few years ago the Montenegro authorities guessed to organize a skating rink on the frozen lake. Now all 516 thousand square meters are given to fans to slide on skates.

Austria, lake Vaysenzy

the Lake Vaysenzy which is in the region Carinthia, - the most Great ice Valley of Europe. On the area of six and a half square kilometers all sports on skates are available. It is possible to ride on thick 40 - centimetric ice from the middle of December on March. At the end of January it is carried out traditional Dutch 50 here - a kilometer marathon for which more than five thousand guests gather. Earlier competition took place in the Netherlands, however ten years ago it was transferred to Austria: from - for global warming the Dutch reservoirs ceased to freeze. Those who absolutely are not necessary on skates can even go to the resort - the special school is open for them.

Austria, the Purpose - am - Zeya

One of the known resorts of Austria is the Purpose - am - Zeya. The most part of a reservoir is usually covered with snow, but the sites allocated for driving are always cleaned with the Austrian meticulousness and accuracy. Here it is possible to be engaged not only figure skating, but also hockey. And if there is a wish for something absolutely unusual, then you have an opportunity to slide on an ice surface under a sail!

Switzerland, Saint Moritz

Saint Moritz - one of the most glorified resorts of the world. The magnificent, refined and luxurious town shrouded in spirit of cosmopolitism is located at the height of 1856 meters above sea level in a frame of lakes of the Top Engadin. On these lakes also appear in the winter the skating rinks striking with the beauty.

the Czech Republic, Lipno

Lipno`s Lake is in 220 kilometers to the South from Prague in the natural reserve Shumava, on border with Austria and Germany. This large reservoir with coastline extent about 150 kilometers. The skating rink which opened recently occupies about 13 kilometers.

of the USA, Kistoun

the Tremendous ski resort with magnificent difficult routes for professionals, and also the best place for family rest with children. Besides, there is a big outdoor ice rink on ice thanks to which special cars always in a fine state. Hockey, figure skating - everyone able to keep on skates will find occupation on the taste.

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