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Kontemporari dens - dancing style or new creative space?

Name kontemporar dens to not too kindly Russian ear though the phenomenon, as well as many other loans, is successful in our country got accustomed, having found the slang name kontemp . For those who did not face this phenomenon yet and also for inquisitive and meticulous I will give dictionary definition of the concept in the beginning.

Contemporary (English) - enc. 1) one age; one era; living or existing in at one time; 2) new, modern; modernist, ultramodern.

of Contemporary dance - the direction in modern choreography including the dancing technicians and styles of the XX beginning of the 21st centuries created on the basis of the American and European dance Modernist style and the dance Postmodern.

However actively uses modern contemporary dance also east corporal practicians, including yoga and elements of oriental martial arts. So for this direction, as well as for all modern art, the key characteristic is symbiosis: east and western tradition, classics and vanguard, professional equipment and freedom of expression.

Wonderfully, you will tell whereas to understand what dance we can call the word kontemp ? Any dancing style has distinctive features which do possible actually training. I asked this question too and did small research work. Here what was succeeded to find out.


Before in the principle to begin to dance, it is necessary to realize the body for a start properly: its structure, the natural principles of the movement, breath, inertia of weight, the center, balance - without it the body at the computer also suits only for sitting. Such work is not just fine in itself, it adjusts a body as the sensitive and reliable tool. Therefore during training on modern dance the emphasis is placed on work of joints, forming a backbone, establishing communications between the center of a body and extremities that in general is called process of body - awareness (corporal understanding) and allows to coordinate a body and consciousness. Actually, in this sense east and western practicians do not contradict, and quite enrich each other. But we tell

not about fitness, and about choreography which has also other tasks. Choreography is not warm-up, she always assumes the creative act, that is dance as a result has to be born. Therefore the following stage - study and sharpening of movements and dancing combinations. Specific dancing technicians characteristic of a kontemp: work with weight in the mode of falling and overcoming of gravitation, movement of weight between various parts of a body for creation of fluid transition from one position of a body to another, compression and disclosure in the field of an abdominal cavity and a basin, use of breath and inertia for simplification of the movement

All these technicians quickly become recognizable, style kontemp, as well as other styles, possesses characteristic markers. It: alternation of the tight tense muscles and sharp dumping, relaxation, falling and rises, smooth overflowings and sharp stops (it is frequent on direct legs), the fixed battements, various jumps - generally, an infinite mix and a fusion. Words entirely foreign, but to us not to get used. And still we will note what can be danced barefoot.

Number in style kontemp will combine the close contact which is often reminding fight and combinations of parallel synchronous movements. Actually, therefore in the course of training in style kontemp dancers pay much attention to contact improvisation. It not only work with a body and sharpening of movements, but the process assuming synthesis of intelligence and emotions. As well as any contact dance, kontemp teaches us to forming of dialogue without the aid of words.


At everything at this contemporary dance - art extremely ambitious and individualistic. Dance in it is considered not so much as the entertaining and charming a look process how many as the tool for formation of individual choreographic language.

Even if dancing number or so-called performance tells us a story on some subject, I, a proper name will be its main motive. Performer nothing and nobody represents, - the critic Natalia Kuryumova says. - It no more no less, than a body in the present. Ideally modern dance seeks to be beyond art and to become the tool of self-knowledge and self-development . But I will tell you, having visited different performances on a course of life: a body - it is good, but poses in itself and jumps are not an exit for a framework yet. The original magic begins together with identification and empathy.

Ideally dance is born when it is impossible to explain with words of all events with you, and to be silent there are no forces. Then you begin to speak all the being, then give vent to that primitive energy which in everyday life is crushed by a press of bans and prejudices. For this energy there are no concepts norm well and badly it - through what we are able to afford to be the presents, and all the rest - conditions and convention.

Representation in style kontemp does not guarantee that it will be clear and pleasant to the viewer. It not always about beauty and harmony that would meet spectator expectations, but always about the personality, and the personality can suffer. Including from own loneliness. Here everyone - the main hero, the soldier of own war, a loud-hailer of mute shout and the medium of captivating melodies. Here feelings which overflow modern person, but not princes and sylphs of cozy fairy tales are expressed. kontemp cardinally differs in it from the ballet: at all formal similarity he always aspires to a versatility, to new expressiveness, a modern language, a new way of dialogue with the viewer. The person who observes this dancing action receives full freedom of understanding of the events: how many the audience, is so much nuances of perception. But the main thing - it wants that it was about it, to it, about it.

Well, maybe, not everyone gives itself(himself) in it the report. However the one who dances will - bondage thinks of it. Therefore for those who perceive art not as beauty which stiffened in canons and as skill, laboratory of self-expression who is eager for realization of choreographic ideas modern dance gives all opportunities. This the most democratic of arts - look for adherents, the platform, leave and dance. Or do not look for - watch video, study, try, but besides dance! Reasonings and an umopostroyeniye here, fortunately, are necessary to nobody. Here practice is necessary.