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What the sledge - " is dangerous by; cheese cakes ?

are Winter a time of entertainments, drivings on the sledge, skis, skates. In recent years are very widespread cheese cakes - the inflatable round sledge with handles on each side. The idea is literally lifted from a floor: many in the childhood liked to ride from mountains inner tubes. Cheese cake - it is the same chamber only sheathed by PVC - material, or just rubber ring from PVC. Producers and sellers cheese cakes assure that they are safe, but whether so it actually?

We will begin with the fact that cheese cake in itself has small weight, easily turns over, will poorly amortize at collision with an obstacle. Ahead, as a rule, there are legs which are carrying out if necessary a brake role though at turn cheese cakes any part of a body can suffer.

Just like that, on a plain inclined surface to ride it is usually uninteresting. Therefore owners of ski resorts often dig out on routes small holes that it was more cheerful to jump up and fly, as from a springboard (and on slopes in usual parks such holes and hillocks continually). If to keep not too strong, then from a cheese cake it is possible to take off easily. During unsuccessful descent it is possible to receive considerable injuries, especially if on to a cheese cake adult. Children are more mobile, from - for ratios of the growth and weight it is easier for them to fall, they are instinctively grouped. Adults at sharp turn injure a neck, break vertebras at blow legs, edges when falling.

Vatrushechniki - it is the term of traumatologists. So call people with the injuries got during driving (especially when jumping on hummocks). On the first place according to addresses - compression spinal fracture. Sounds terribly, isn`t it? But the fact that the person can live and not know long time that got this trauma is even more dangerous.

Compression this change is called because under the influence of the injuring force there is a sdavleniye (compression) of a body of a vertebra therefore fragments are displaced to the vertebral canal. It will be more clear if to present porous vertebras as to a vafelk. If to squeeze it fingers, it will crumble inside. And vertebras: at blow, falling, jumping as a spring nestle too strongly to each other and crumble.

With what the compression of vertebras is fraught? The vertebra is the only bone which when flattening is not subject to restoration, unlike other bones. At an injury of a vertebra the prerequisite for violation of integrity of intervertebral disks, to their migration, emergence of hernia of an intervertebral disk, tumors, etc. is created. In addition, when one or several vertebras are rumpled, peredavlivatsya the nerves located close muscular tension amplifies.

to the Descent can describe 2 options of development of the situation at a compression change. The first - a sdavleniye of nervous backs, destruction of an intervertebral disk, further - post-traumatic osteochondrosis and radiculitis for the rest of life. The second - a sdavleniye of a spinal cord, and, as a result, paralysis.

What symptoms of compression spinal fracture? If the vertebra crumbled slightly, then the back can be ill slightly - slightly and to cease, and can not ache at once, and prove in few weeks when it is already very difficult to establish the reason. Anyway the trauma will have an effect sooner or later, only the more will pass time from the moment of a change, the it will be more difficult to correct it (and sometimes even - it is impossible). A time of people can even not feel back pains, and to feel that, for example, it became inconvenient to sit or slightly gives to a back . We seldom pay attention to such symptoms.

The situation is complicated also by the fact that on magnitno - the resonant tomogram the fresh compression change is well visible no more than 2 weeks. Then already to make out the place of a compression not easy.

If is suspicion on back injuries when driving from mountains, go on an appointment, without postponing!

Treatment of compression spinal fracture consists in reliable fixing of the damaged department during the entire period of restoration of integrity of a body of a vertebra. It is necessary to limit the mobility (in certain cases it is even forbidden!) and to forget about cheese cakes and also about other entertainments for a long time.

If you have a weak back, drivings even on ice-boats and even from a small hill are contraindicated to you. When you sit on the sledge, the backbone is already bent, that is obviously is in dangerous situation. And if suddenly to subject it to sharp loading (a jump through a pole, sharp braking about a hummock), then may be what to be unbent without medical assistance will not turn out any more.

What to do if to ride all the same passion as there is a wish? Then observe at least precautionary measures. You sit down in cheese cake as on a chair - lean back back and bend legs in knees. Do not jump on it with running start, you do not lie on it, you do not go the friend by the friend and crowd. Do not connect cheese cakes engine: if one, same fate turns over expects also the others. Before beginning the movement, be convinced that before you there are no other riding. If the route is unfamiliar to you, then pass on it, estimate the steepness of a slope, existence of hummocks, hillocks, poles. Surely estimate an arrangement of trees and bushes! It is good if the side " crashes into a tree trunk at a full speed; cheese cakes and if your leg?

Properly think, planning your winter leisure. Whether there is this pleasure of your health?